How to install BiteSMS beta for iOS 7 on your iPhone

How to install BIteSMS beta for iOS 7 on your iPhone

If you've jailbroken your iPhone on iOS 7, BiteSMS is arguably the jailbreak app everyone has to have. Mainly because it completely replaces the native Messages app and adds the sought after quick reply and quick compose features that Apple won't. Currently BiteSMS is in beta form for iOS 7 but that doesn't mean you can't have it right now. Here's how to get it:

  1. Launch Cydia from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. In the bottom navigation, tap on Manage.
  3. Now tap on Sources.
  4. In the upper right hand corner, tap on Edit and then Add which appears in the upper left after you tap on edit.
  5. In the source add dialog that pops up, type in and then tap on Add Source.
  6. Cydia will refresh your sources and then you can simply search for BiteSMS like you would any other app and install the beta.

If you've installed BiteSMS on your jailbroken iPhone, let us know how it's been acting for you!

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Allyson Kazmucha

Senior editor for iMore. I can take apart an iPhone in less than 6 minutes. I also like coffee and Harry Potter more than anyone really should.

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Reader comments

How to install BiteSMS beta for iOS 7 on your iPhone


Have it, love it! THE reason to jailbreak for me... It is a bit buggy though but its expected because it is beta... I can live with it.

Not that big of deal for me. I guess you can't miss what you have never had. But I'm sure this is good for those that use it! Great stuff!

Sent from the iMore App

Same here. Although now I am considering jailbreaking my device just so I can do a little more tinkering with it.

BiteSMS is the only reason I jailbroke this time. A couple issues here and there but worth it - it's working great on my iPhone 5s and iPad Mini Retina.

Haha I feel like this post was designed for me because of my constant gripes on whether or not it was possible before jailbreaking. :-p

Thanks Allyson, I will definitely be giving this a go!

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Never jailbroken before but seriously thinking about it for wifi tethering and maybe biteSMS. Does biteSMS send/receive iMessages, or is it SMS/MMS only?

Absolutely. Functions the exact same way your Messages app does not. Just gives you many more options. You can buy credits only if you want to, good for international texting. I never have but know many people that do to message others that don't have iMessage overseas.

I haven't used biteSMS in quite some time, but if I remember correctly it acts just like the regular So it should allow you to send/receive iMessages the same way you would natively.

I use2 love BiteSms. I know how to fully operate all of its feature to a "T"...but it's just not quite the same. Maybe some ppl are just new to it idk, but it's totally not what it was. (yes I know it's beta) I need it back fully the way it was b4 ios7. I don't know if it's operating differently on different devices, but I'm on the Iphone5 and the features don't work. Pass code lock, signature, etc...says this feature is coming soon on most features. Anyone having same issues that know BiteSms like me? I've been using it since the first jailbreak.

I've been on ios6 and using bitesms all the time. I just 'upgraded' to iOS 7 and jail broke it and installed bitesms. The application crashes as soon as I try to type a message. This both for existing conversations, and if I try to initiate a new thread. Just wanted to let you know. If you need more info on my device (iPhone 5) or anything else - please contact me. I'd like to help you get this resolved as I love the app...

actually - I've solved my own problem… the issue was with Octopus Keyboard. That was installed, but not fully compatible. Removing that fixed the crashing issue.

Are you installing the BETA from the link given in the article? If you're installing the last official release from Cydia, BiteSMS will crash on launch. You need to install the beta.