How to look up sports league standings with Siri

How to look up sports league standings with Siri

You can ask Siri to look up individual game scores, player stats, and schedules. But what if you just want to know how your favorite team is doing overall? Yep, you guessed it. Siri can also find information on particular league standings as well.

How to look up league standings for many sports with Siri

  1. Press and hold the Home button on your iPhone or iPad to activate Siri.
  2. Say something like "Show me MLB standings." or "Show me Premiere league standings for last year."
  3. Siri should automatically present the information you requested.

While Siri can give information on most popular sports leagues, what standings are supported may vary from country to country. Give it a try for yourself and let me know whether or not Siri supports your favorite sports leagues!

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How to look up sports league standings with Siri