How to manage and delete your Mac-only iCloud docs... on iOS 7

How to manage and delete your Mac-only iCloud docs... on iOS 7

Napkin is a Mac-only app that stores and syncs its documents on iCloud, Apple's ubiquitous online service. It has no iOS version. Nothing for iPhone. Nothing for iPad. Yet, with iOS 7, you can now drill down into Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage, select Napkin, and delete any of its saved documents with a single swipe and two taps. Same holds true for other Mac-only apps, including Apple's own TextEdit.

That's both kinda cool... and kinda scary.

Update: Looks like this worked on previous versions of iOS as well. Thanks, Sarah!

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How to manage and delete your Mac-only iCloud docs... on iOS 7


So this removes them from iCloud? I purposely default to iCloud on Mac only apps (Pixelmator) so I can work on any of my Macs. Doesn't deleting them from a device delete them entirely?

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Apple needs to either create an iOS version of Preview, or allow all iCloud PDFs stored in preview on the Mac show up in iBooks. Right now it feels like when you save a PDF on the Mac into iCloud, that it just disappears. Apple needs to fix this.

Very interesting, @iSRS, I really prefer DropBox, since their limit keeps increasing for more people I refer (currently 6GB), it is cross-platform (Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android), and you don't need any special app support (like say Text Edit supports storing in iCloud, but Kompozer or Eclipse don't). Granted I don't use Android, but I can share links with anyone who does.