How Much iPhone 3G Data Are You Using?

It's been a month since the iPhone 3G launched, and unlike the US and a few other countries, not every country -- or every user -- got unlimited data with their shiny new wonder toy. Some, like Canada and Sweden gave eleventh hour reprieves, but others remain bass akwards and incredibly stingy/gouging with their data rates to this day.

But regardless of your cap (or even if you have no cap), how much data are you using?

We already told you how to find your iPhone's usage meter (even if Auntie TUAW rightly points out that it's rough at best), and you can presumably check your bill for more exact numbers.

Me? Turns out VERY little. I've even turned off WiFi (which I have pretty much everywhere from home to work to friends' houses) for long stretches, and I've still only managed to pull about 150MB, far short of the 6GB I really want to hit Rogers with. Then again, I haven't watched almost any YouTube via 3G, or slammed on the streaming internet radio, so I guess I only really have myself to blame...

How about you? What's your usage number? Is it more or less than you expected? And if you're in one of the "countries of dread", how worried are you about overage charges on that first bill?

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How Much iPhone 3G Data Are You Using?


Thats exactly what i thought would happened, i knew people wouldn't be using the internet much, wifi is really sufficient. WHich is why i wont be getting a data plan

According to my phone....
Sent: 199MB, Received: 1.1GB
I got the 3g about 1 week after the launch I think.

First month of usage:
Sent: 20MB
Received: 204MB
I live in a city with out 3G and have Wifi at work and home and most other peoples homes too. Only went on 3G for one weekend at a wedding and blew threw 180MB in an evening. I'll never come close to my 6GB limit until we get 3G or when I start traveling more to cities that have 3G

According to my first month's Rogers bill, I used 457 MB throughout the month. That was all on a first-generation iPhone, so it is actually EDGE data and not 3G, but it is a full 31-day period. There was an interesting spike to 45MB the day after the firmware 2.0 unlock was made available, but that settled very quickly down to the usual sub-20MB level within a couple of days.
My 3G phone is reporting 169MB for the 10 days I've owned it, which seems in line with the 10-20MB/day I've been typically using.

Out: 3MB
In: 36MB
Got the iPhone 3G on July 25th (2 weeks after launch) and have WiFi at home and at work. What irked me though is I travelled to the US where I had to shut down Data Roaming due to the ridiculous charges. :^(
In any case, 6GB is A LOT.

Bought on the first day (July 11th).
Sent: 20.3 MB
Received: 719 MB
I guess my high usage comes from using the App called Tuner to stream internet radio all the time in my car :)

I've sent 5.6 MB and received 102 MB... I really need to pick it up - I'm paying for 6 GB a month!

Sent: 2.9 MB
Received: 31.1 MB
I have Wi-Fi at home, and I barely use my phone at work. I thought I would use more, I bought my phone three weeks ago. I guess if I want my 6GB to be worth what I'm paying, I better start using my data more. The problem is I find 3G really slow so I quit using a certain app when it doesn't load fast enough!

Out: 65Mb. In: 1,6Gb (!)
Using a lot of streaming radio on 3G. Loving to not have to worry about extra costs! (T-mobile, NL)
Used it now for 1 month exactly.

Sent: 49.0 MB
Recd: 1.6 GB
Since 2 days post launch.
The primary culprits are Last.FM and Tuner.

Sent: 7.5 MB
Recd: 125 MB
I got mine the morning of launch, and that includes what I considered significant usage from the road (I travel weekly).
I only use Wifi at home, and at the office I don't use anything (no service, and our router is busted and we don't know where in the ceiling it is).

I suspect people would spend more time surfing the web if they didn't have to worry about battery life. During a typical day at the beach, I'm reluctant to spend too much time connecting to the internet or even listening to my iPod for fear I won't have enough juice to make a call.

I had been wondering about this. For me, 4.9MB sent, 109 MB received. I got mine on launch day. I thought it was going to be much more.

I work for the University of Toronto... and they have a very large WiFi network on the campus. I also have a wireless network at home. So the only time I use 3G is when I'm walking to the subway station, and on the GO Train home. So I'm not using all that much data. Still it's nice to know I can use 6G if I need to.

Mm.. Well, first of all, we should realize that every time we reset our IPhones (re-install the Op system), we reset the stats. But I haven't had to reset me IPhone for about 1.5 weeks now (YEAH!!!) and I have received about 169 Mb. That is mostly due to using AOL radio (audio streaming). But WAIT till Slingbox comes out with their IPhone app. THEN you will see high data rates. For those of you who do not know what Slingbox is, it allows you to watch your cable, Satellite channels as well as Tivo recordings through the internet. I use it now on my laptop (was great watching Sci Fi channel while I was in Shanghai). They have software on other phones and should be coming out with an IPhone version sooner or later (I can't wait!).
Mmm What will at&t make of that? hahaha

Sent: 5.6MB Received: 73.4MB since I received it a week ago. I don't want to go too crazy until I get my first Rogers bill for the Data usage to compare. If they somewhat match, I'll start using the streaming radio like a mad man.

Sent: 410 kB, Received 3.7 MB, after 3 days.
They charge $0.0054 per KB. People could easily spend a few hundred dollars.

Sent: 1.2 MB, Received: 27.4 MB, I've had it less than a whole day. I've already downloaded roughly around 45 applications for it, that's probably why my sent to received is so far apart.

Your iphone usage stats wont reset if you do a restore and then use a backup. Only if you restore completely to factory settings.

I'm with Rogers in Canada and since I got my iPhone the usage on my bills is 8-10 times higher than indicated on my phone. I would say I'm a "light" data user. Rogers has been no help. Any ideas/experiences? My bills show 300MB+ per month, which is way out of line.