How Pinterest 3.0 was redesigned for iOS 7

Sticking Pinterest 3.0 to iOS 7

Like so very many apps, Pinterest recently updated their look and feel to better match Apple's newly redesigned iOS 7. What exactly does it take to bring one of the world's most popular social networks to the latest version of one of the world's most popular platforms? Making Pinterest:

With more than ¾ of all Pinterest usage occurring on mobile, it was important that the 3.0 update responded to Pinner requests for simpler, faster ways to engage with more Pins, and to provide an overall improved experience. Our main challenge was to reimagine the app while maintaining the aesthetics of our brand. We focused on three areas:

  • Migrating to UICollectionView and dropping iOS5 support
  • Adopting newer iOS7 APIs including UIViewController Transitions, Background Fetching, and UIKit Dynamics.
  • Building a new gestural interface

It's a technical read, but a great one. Check it out.

Source: Making Pinterest

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Reader comments

How Pinterest 3.0 was redesigned for iOS 7


My wife is the Pinterest user of the household. So far, she is pleased with the update!

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I wish that more social media apps (especially Facebook and Instagram) would fully adopt the iOS 7 look and feel. Hopefully they will over time, but Pinterest did a great job with their update.

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My girlfriend loves Pinterest. She uses it for fashion and recipes. I still haven't found a use for it myself but I'm happy all the apps are doing iOS 7 redesigns. That was my biggest fear when they first announced it: Apple apps would look one way and 3rd-party apps would look horrendously different. Kudos to all developers that have been able to pump out a very different version of their app in relatively little amount of time!

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O wasnt a pinterest user until now.
I love the looks and the way everything works so seamlessly with iOS 7.
Great Job guys!

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It has just been 2 months since the release of iOS 7 and it's good to see that a lot of the apps have already embraced the new look and design of the new iOS. I sure am glad of the way things are turning out for Apple and iOS 7.

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I actually downloaded Pinterest recently and I surprisingly like it. There's a lot of stuff on there that is geared towards males. I initially thought Pinterest was a "women only" thing lol

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I have yet to find a use for Pinterest... So many social networks, a lot of overlapping features and roles.

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