How to save battery life on your iPhone and iPad by tweaking Notification Center settings

How to save battery life on your iPhone and iPad by tweaking Notification Center settings

iPhone and iPad battery life is a precious commodity we just can't seem to get enough of. All of our social networks, email accounts, texts, and other apps want to send us notifications, which in turn, consumes more battery life. Sometimes tweaking settings in Notification Center can actually save quite a bit of battery life.

Here's what we recommend trying:

  1. Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on Notifications.
  3. FInd an app that frequently sends you notifications and tap on its name.
  4. Scroll down towards the bottom and you'll see an option for View in Lock Screen.
  5. Turn this option to Off for any apps that aren't important to be displayed on your Lock Screen.

By doing this, you'll still receive push notifications and you'll hear the tones, your screen just will not light up and they won't filter into your actual Lock Screen area. Upon unlocking your iPhone or iPad, checking Notification Center will still show them, they just won't appear in the Lock Screen portion. Basically, your screen doesn't light up every time you receive a notification from these apps any longer when the View on Lock Screen option is turned off. Less screen use equals better battery life. By doing this myself, I gained about an extra 15 to 25% battery life per day.

I've found this to be useful on apps I still want to know I'm receiving notifications for but don't necessarily need them on my Lock Screen such as Twitter and Facebook. I've also only get email notifications set up for VIP when it comes to the Lock Screen.

Try it out and let us know if you're getting better battery life!

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Allyson Kazmucha

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Reader comments

How to save battery life on your iPhone and iPad by tweaking Notification Center settings


I try to use all these settings. But I truly wish apple takes the battery issue serious enough.. Going by rumors, I do not see a big jump in battery life in the next iPhone too.

Sent from the iMore App

Thanks for that tip! That makes perfect sense!

Question though... Is there a way to turn off vibration on these alerts? I'll get an email, here the sound associated with it as well as a short buzz from the vibration motor. The only time I want the phone to vibrate is when I have it in silent mode.

I would think that the vibration motor takes a lot of battery power to spin up each time it's asked to vibrate the phone.

There is one case when I really don't want the phone vibrating, and that is when I have an alarm set to play a song from my iTunes library. I have a song picked out that starts off very quietly, then builds to full volume. Perfect for a gentle wake up. However, if I have the phone on a wooden table or on top of my iPad, the vibration noise jolts me awake before the music has a chance to build up.

As much as I think too many options make for a complicated phone, there are times when I feel that Android has it correct giving the user the ability to adjust just about everything the phone does.

Thanks again!

Tap on sounds in settings the first 2 options are for "vibrate along with sound" or "vibrate when silent".

Sent from the iMore App

Sigh, First off, the option is called "Vibrate on Ring" not "Vibrate along with Sound". The one place where I would like the phone to vibrate no matter what is when a phone call comes in. Everywhere else, no vibrate unless I have silent on.

Either way, this is the desired result for every other notification/sound the phone makes and for that I am eternally grateful.

There are many battery saving tips but the one that works the best for me is when you are not using data turn off the 3G network this i know for sure gives me at least an extra 2 hours on my iphone 5

@Ianthetechman: Sure, that would work, but who doesn't use their "smartphone's" data throughout the day. I personally get all kinds of email throughout the day that I need to deal with. I don't necessarily need to deal with it each time one comes in, but if I don't, it will get overwhelming pretty quickly.

I wonder if turning off DATA while at home when using WiFi would improve the lifetime of the phones batteries. When ever I wake up my phone to do something I notice the LTE/4G/3G text before the WiFi signal strength meter is displayed. I have often wondered if when the phone is asleep that the phone sleeps WiFi to and rely's on LTE/4G/3G Data for access to the Internet.

I do this for almost all apps.
For SMS its mainly because I don't want people to see who is texting me or what is being said to me. I'd rather just get it when I unlock.

please expand on this: "I've also only get email notifications set up for VIP when it comes to the Lock Screen"