How Tinkering Monkey made the iMore hall of fame award icons

When we decided to give out the 2012 and 2013 iMore hall of fame awards at WWDC 2013, our party planner, Jessie Char recommended Tinkering Monkey and wow-but-great choice. The awards turned out fantastically well, and they've posted up the making-of process on the Tinkering Monkey blog:

We recently worked with iMore to produce awards for their hall of fame ceremony during WWDC 2013. Since we were fresh out of gold ingots, we opted to make them from Walnut, nature's next best thing.

The photos are almost as gorgeous as the finished awards. Can't recommend their work enough.

Source: Tinkering Monkey blog

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Rene Ritchie

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How Tinkering Monkey made the iMore hall of fame award icons

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Gorgeous! I have a new found appreciation for this kind of stuff after meeting a friend a few years ago. He owns an art gallery here called Walnut Ink and owns a woodworking company called Terrawood Design. It amazes me the stuff he does with wood. It definitely makes me appreciate this stuff a lot more than I ever did.

I'm convinced I'll have him build me a custom desk one of these days after seeing a recent one he did for a client. It was insane.

This stuff is definitely an art form and awesome job Tinkering Monkey. Couldn't have turned out better!

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