How to track your iPhone 5 delivery if you’re in the UK

How to track your iPhone 5 delivery if you’re in the UKIf you are in the UK and sitting at home or in the office impatiently waiting for your iPhone 5 delivery, this information could help to calm your nerves. If you use the tracking information provided by Apple on its website, you will more than likely see that your iPhone 5 shipment is being handled by a company called Syncreon Parcel Delivery. A quick visit to their track and trace service and the bad news is that your iPhone 5 is in Hinkley; do not despair, its probably not.

Syncreon Parcel Delivery is not a carrier but a distribution holding company and the delivery is actually being carried out by UK Mail or UPS locally. The good news is you can use your tracking information over at UK Mail and see exactly what’s happening with your iPhone 5.

  1. The first thing to do is head over to Apple and get your tracking number from the tracking information displayed on your order. How to track your iPhone 5 delivery if you’re in the UK
  2. Once you have the tracking number, instead of heading to Syncreon, go to UK Mail. How to track your iPhone 5 delivery if you’re in the UK
  3. Enter your tracking number in the box on the right hand side labeled “By Reference Number”
  4. Hit Go
  5. Hopefully you should now see your delivery information, the site is getting hammered at the moment but be patient. How to track your iPhone 5 delivery if you’re in the UK
  6. Click on the link and you will again hopefully see that your iPhone 5 is out or delivery or if you’re lucky, already delivered.
  7. If it doesn’t work for you, try the same thing over at UPS, Apple tends to use UK Mail or UPS.

Good luck and hopefully you will have found that your iPhone 5 is on its way. while you wait in your now more relaxed state, head on over to our Official iPhone 5 line-up tailgate party!! in the forums.


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adansantos says:

Hehehe... the UKMail page seems to have buckled under the requests... won't load up *quietly sits on the lounge where the UKMail van can be seen approach*

michelle burns#IM says:

Thanks for the heads up, I have just had a look on UK mail and yep all tracking info is there. Its on its way!!!!!

jemmarocks says:

Just tried this for the Macbook Air I've ordered and it worked a treat, thanks!

Alexander Innes says:

Thanks this was great help used and using to track iPad air as it says its in Hinkley when actually its been collected and should arrive tomorrow i am totally buzzing with excitement as i am a true apple geek. At first did not work but i gave it a day and it obviously hadn't arrived in uk mail hands as it is scanned as it is put on the truck. So give it a day or so.