How's iMessage working for you on iOS 7?

How's iMessage working for you on iOS 7?

We're still hearing from a lot of you with iOS 7 iMessage issues. It's never been perfect, especially when OS X is added to the loop, but since iOS 7 it appears a lot more people are experiencing a lot more pain. I have two phone numbers attached to mine, and four email addresses, and while it's mostly working, I am missing some conversations on some of my devices. Others aren't able to send or receive iMessages, or enable the service at all. We posted up a list of things you can do to troubleshoot iOS 7 iMessages, but we're curious to know how it's working for you.

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How's iMessage working for you on iOS 7?


Had problems sending at first, but after cutting my iPhone off for about 30secs., and powering it back on it's been fine. No problems here

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iMessage had been working fine for me, through the beta period, on the GM, and it was also fine after I switched to an iPhone 5s.

Then yesterday I swapped SIM's and when I put the new one in, iMessage refused to activate. Did all the usual, turn iMessage off then on, hard reset, even followed a few guides from the internet (including iMore's!) but absolutely nothing worked.

Last night I turned iMessage and FaceTime off, and turned my phone off for the night. Upon turning my phone back on this morning I flicked the switch to turn iMessage on, it said "Waiting for activation..." for about 2 or 3 minutes and then it activated!

I guess it just goes to show that sometimes patience is all that is needed. Although I am very glad that it's up and running again now.

Same here. iMessage will randomly stop working, with a reset as the only thing that fixes it. The problem is that it hasn't been defaulting to SMS for me, so I find that my text message never sent hours ago.

same here. sometimes my screen will flicker when transitioning, among other things. i've never had so many issues after an ios update before. but i still love it. i'm sure there will be more updates coming to resolve all issues...

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Messages are randomly not sending. Resetting network settings fixes it for a little while but the problem returns. My whole family and most of my friends are having same issue.

Same here. It is happening randomly. I reset and it's fine for a while. Very irritating.

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Didn't even know there were issues until today when I started seeing posts about it on here. My only complaint is that both my iPhone and iPad, on ONE instance, decided they didn't want to send anything until I did a hard reboot.

In the last week almost every day I would have my messages unable to send. Rebooting the phone fixed the issue but it was a pain.

Apparently there was a short outage affecting a small number of people? I know I couldn't send iMessages between the listed times. I think it's the second iMessage problem I've had since iOS 7, but I also thought my 5c was busted or something. I only use my phone number between my 5c and iMac.

I was able to fix the problems of messages not sending by going to Settings>Messages and turning iMessage off. Next go to Settings>General>Reset and Reset Network Settings. After it reboots turn iMessage back on.

Reset Network Settings worked for me, too. I was having message send failures since iOS 7.0.2 update, but iMessage wasn't notifying me of the failure, so I went most of the weekend without realizing people weren't getting my iMessages. Apple should fix this OTA since a lot of users probably don't know how to deal with this on their own.

thanks Eric! that worked for me. iMessage wasn't working since Sautrday. I just turned it off since my 5s was coming this week. but then my friends were saying their messages to me weren't being converted to text automatically. So I gave your suggestion a try and it worked.

It had been going fine until today...none of my texts or iMessage would send from my iphone. It wasn't able to deliver any of them. After I rebooted it started working again.

Major issues with both my iPhone5 and my Mac. iOS Messages will not send, and won't defer down to SMS. Mac Messages is random at best.

If I am off wifi, and signal weak, it takes two try's to send. I receive fine. I notice 4g, and LTE flips all the time. I ordered the 5S silver, on the 28th, and it came today. Set up was easy, and restore from iCloud was easy from my 4S backup. Only problem was setting up voice mail again. AT

Haven't had a snag yet in iOS 7. I did on occasion have issues running 6.1.3

Messages would fail and be resent as a text message most often when it's just a couple sentences

Not awful, but much worse than before. Messages sporadically fail to send, regardless of strength of connection.

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My wife and i missed 8 messages Yesterday and 3 today. So when I got home we went and disabled it from all our devices.

my time stamps are all off. Ill send a message for example at 7:24 and the persons reply would be at 7:23. makes no sense..

Also, alot of my messages will be delayed by a few minutes

iMessage for me seems to work fine on the iPhone side but OSX is another story. I took advantage of the ability to block a troublesome person. It blocks them perfectly well on the iPhone's and the iPad but...

...get all the messages slamming in on the Mac. Shame that they haven't got all the issues resolved. Maybe though the 'blocking' facility will work when they eventually release OSX Maverick.

I feel pretty lucky after reading some of these comments. Today I received a notice from iMessage that one of my sends had not been received. I re-sent it and all appears well. I have an iPhone 5, iPad 4th Gen. and iPad Mini, all running iOS7. No other problems of which I'm aware.

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I'm having a different problem as well, my friend traded his iPhone 4S to a galaxy s4 but my phone won't recognize his new phone and still sends iMessage, I've erased his contact and out him back but my phone won't budge

Just wanted to tell you how to fix this problem. Your friend needs to deactivate his iMessage service that is linked with his account. I did this by turning it off of my iPhone. If he does not have access to his iPhone, idk how he can do it. But that is what needs to be done.

I guess I too am one of the "lucky ones". I'm running the latest on my iPhone 4, my iPad 2, and a second line iPhone 5, and the only issue I've noticed at all is that a message took "about a minute" to send yesterday. So yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about my situation. Sorry to hear about everybody else's troubles though, that's got to be frustrating.

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Was working fine. Only started giving trouble yesterday. Messages will not go through have to send as text message. Hold the message balloon and a ' send as text message' option appears. Then it works. I know each new update comes with it share of issues. Hope Apple nips this in the bud quickly. Definitely need a 7.0.2 that gets this thing buttery smooth. Lots of folk out there wanting iOS 7 to fail.

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Reading all of you this issue seems recent. I know it is with me. Wasn't having any problems till last update. Could it be a 7.0.1 problem?

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Just noticed it's working fine on my iPad. And my wife's iPhone has no issues. So pretty obvious it's random. Just did a reset and sent a message which went through. Will see if the problem comes back.

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I have been having issues. I keep having my messages get stuck on sending and never going through.

Yep pretty much. Follow the troubleshooting tips in the article. See if they help.

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Yes, problems here as well.
iMessage stops sending text on iPhone 5 but continues working on the iPad mini.
Yesterday reset of iMessage solved the problem, this morning had the same issue, again done a reset of the device and reentered the iCloud login. Hope this solves permanently the issue.

There seems to be a problem with sending messages to groups in iOS7. Sending to more than 20 people from inside a text messaging app can black out the screen for a time, or lock up the app. A number of other developers have also reported this issue.

I hope Apple can fix this soon, it was just introduced in the final build (it wasn't there on the previous betas we tested on).

soluble apps

I have a group of 43 that I send to regularly (SMS) that just has to work, no excuses are acceptable. My iPhone 5 was so unreliable that I went to my backup Q10 until Apple gets it figured out.

I, and two other people I know have encountered the same problem on an iPhone 5 with 7.0.2. You can receive iMessages ok, but whenever you try to send one the "Sending..." progress bar hangs at about 90% complete.

The only way to resolve this reliably that I've found is to go to Settings > Messages > Toggle the iMessage setting to off.

Then turn the phone off and back on again, then go back into the settings and turn iMessage back on.

I've had this happen 3 times now in the last 3 days. iMessage on my iPad 3rd gen has worked fine throughout this period.

Same here. Several folks have reported this issue to me and I experienced it on my 5S for the first time since launch last night and my wife had the issue on her iPhone 5 yesterday afternoon. I found that a Settings, General, Reset, Reset Network Settings fixed the issue.

I had my iMessage break on my iphone5 where I could not send any messages out. It would just stay as Sending... I learned I could tap on the message and send as text. I did that for a while. Finally , I reset my phone (turned it off and then on) and the problem seems to be fixed. Other than that ios7 works amazingly well. I was amazed at how seamless the upgrade was!

One quibble. I can't swipe up from within iMessage to get to control center. (Correction. I see it does work. Couldn't get it to work last night. Seems a bit tricky to get control center up when you have a keyboard up-- you will type some inadvertently when swiping up. )

I have a iPod Touch (5) and iOS 7. The last days I have no normal use of the iPods keyboard. But now i read about the reset, which I've done. And the keyboard is functioning well.

Every so often, it'll get stuck in sending iMessages and I have to press on individual message to send as text (even though I have the box marked to send as text if no data).

I have to turn off my phone and then it works again, but it has happened a couple of times this past week.

I couldn't send iMessages in two different occasions. I had to reset network settings both times for them to start working again.

I've had sending problems since Saturday (Sept. 28). We have two 4's, one 4S and a 5 in our family and we've all had sending issues. Turning the phone off/on only seems to work temporarily.

Still not 100% syncing between iPad, iPhone & Mac, but most of the time it works.

Apple needs a clean solution for managing old content in Messages and iMessage. We use it for EVERYTHING which means it gets loaded with tons of heavy content. I know they want you to use iPhoto and Steams for your photo sharing, but that just isn't reality. I send/receive text, photos, video, small appliances and severed fingers through Messages. I don't think I'm the only one.

Why can't they have Messages tag/parse images to separate Stream automatically? Same for other content. If the pipe allows it people will use it. So why not make the pipe smarter?

Mine works fine there are a few issues between iOS and Mavericks where I will miss some convos or it wont sync to the phone but Mavericks is beta so that is expected.

iMessages seems to randomly stop working periodically for both me and my husband (on the iPhone 5). A reboot or re-enabling it usually fixes it. But it's kind of hard to notice that it isn't working....

It still works ok, but at times when i open the messaging app and then click on a convo only the other party involved texts show up, this happens often, until you swipe up or down, then they all show up, annoying, but just another glitch. In all i've had to reset my phone about a dozen times since ios 7!!

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Same here... Have to hard reset several times a day. Not only iMessages but after the reboot, a bunch of voicemail popup!! They are getting stuck also.

I spoke too soon. It receives fine, but at times it will fail to send. It is off, and on problem. Running 7.0.2. There must be a bug.

I just realized that iMessages I sent earlier to day didn't go through until I got home this evening. I didn't notice that it was stuck in "Sending..." mode. I tried a rebooting, saw that the iMessages had a red exclamation mark next to those that did not send. At this point, the only thing I could do was hold down the message bubbles to select sending them as SMS texts. I'll have to pay careful attention to all of my iMessages now until they get this fixed. I have never ever had any trouble with this until I did the 7.0.2 upgrade.

iMessages getting stuck for NO reason. It's frustrating when it works fine and then it stops working and you don't even realize. Will installing 7.0.2 help at all?

hard reboot hasn't worked for me. I get imessages on my ipad and missed over 25 messages from yesterday on my phone and some were pretty important. now it says there is a connection problem and I'm connected to my home network. Really frustrated at this point!

Very unpredictable. Will send for several texts, then suddenly will not send any more. Must reboot and resend to make it work. Major problem. Would love some advice.

iMessage gets stuck on *sending* mode. Is it because the person that I'm sending it too doesn't have wifi !? I can still see them typing and I'm receiving messages with no problem. I keep having to press the text bubble and choose to send them as SMS. How do u fix this ? :(

Turn iMessages off. Exit iMessages. Go to Settings - General - Reset - Reset Network Settings.
Turn iMessages on and reconnect Wi-Fi when asked. Now try.
If it gets moody again, close iMessages app, then re-open app again.
This worked for me. :-)

I have iOS7 on my iPhone 4 and my iMessages have not been sending for the last two days (even after turning my phone off and on) and the system won't default to text messaging. So I turned off my iMessage and now realized that even some of my regular text messages aren't working. Frustrating!

My daughter switch from Iphone to Galexy and when i send her messages it still goes to her iphone so i have to send as a text message. Is there a way i can force my messages to her phone to be text message bc if I turn off my imessages off then messaages to me from other people are not coming through.

Some texts go, some don't. I am sitting here now connected to WiFi and texts being sent to me are only going to my iPad. Ugh! I have no Wifi at work and keep my data turned off thanks to AT&T charging for each bit of data yet I have unlimited texting. Messages are not going/coming as texts. When I get home from work I get replies to texts sent to me 6 hours earlier. 50% of texts I send end up with UNDELIVERED! How is that? Right now all devices are connected to WiFi and texts are randomly going to iphone or ipad or both. Or neither. My first quest for help was at my local AT&T where they appeared confused at first then gave . I AM SO FRUSTRATED AND NEED SOMEONE TO FIX THIS!

I have been experiencing texting problems to my daughter and a co-worker - same like others progress shows sending up to the end and then sits there.

First I thought it was TMO and after troubleshooting with them they said to contact their Apple support when at that point I decided to search and came across these postings.

That's when I discovered the common thread -iMessage. Did what posters have said - turned it off, reset network connections and it then behaved as if sent but my daughter was right next to me and got nada.

Thought nothing of it but then noticed this morning couldn't stream music nor connect to the WIFI I normally do - (MAC is registered and no login required). Then got to work and couldn't stream over cellular so I rebooted and now things are back to "normal" tho don't know about iMessaging.

I reset my network to get iMessage to work, but I'm still unable to get my iPhone 5 and iPad 2 to get text messages at the same time. Am I supposed to use my email as the iPad contact? If so, it seems it's still wanting to use my previous email account. It was my Apple ID and I have since changed it. It won't let me change it, saying the other one is in use. Well, yes - I'M using it!

"We posted up a list of things you can do to troubleshoot iOS 7 iMessages" when I click the link it just reloads the current page... what's the actual URL for the list??

I got my iPod 5 for Christmas and I was eager to get imessage but it didn't work! I was so upset! I kept trying to activate it, I looked at things on the internet and got nothing and then I kept restarting my iPod and restarting imessage by still nothing. Now I don't know what to do. My FaceTime isn't working either! I'm getting upset!