How's iPhone 2.0 Treating you?

Pre-iPhone 2.0 (remember those days), we managed to snag an early leak of the iPhone 2.0 firmware and install it on our original iPhone. We found it to be buggy, but chalked that up to the distinct possibility that the firmware wasn't technically designed for the iPhone 2G. Now that we all have official 2.0 ROMs, is the picture any better? TUAW and Engadget Mobile and Ars aren't so sure -- and to be frank neither are we. Take a perusal through our iPhone 3G forums and you'll find all sorts of examples of bugs and hassles. Heck, it even has our Twitter followers (find us on Twitter, here) checking out the competition!

I myself have noticed significant instability in the few minutes immediately following either installing or deleting an App from the on-board App Store. I'm also still pretty darn unhappy with the various lags and slowdowns in certain apps -- the most egregious of which is Contact/Phone. I timed myself trying to make a call to somebody not on my favorites list yesterday. Out of 900 contacts, it took me around 25 seconds to get the call placed. Anything more than, say, 5 is pretty much unacceptable to me.

How about you? How's iPhone 2.0 treating you? Will the 2.1 firmware save us all?

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Dieter Bohn

Dieter Bohn is former editor-in-chief of Smartphone Experts, writing across iMore, Windows Phone Central, Android Central, and more. You can find him on Twitter (and everywhere else) @backlon.

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How's iPhone 2.0 Treating you?


I'm hoping that Apple is not waiting for firmware 2.1 to fix these issues... that will be a long two months if that is the case...

2.0 while good for getting more out of your phone is a project that, if this continues will put Apple in place with MS on complaints. I get the same slowdown when trying to make a call. I also know that 2.0 has something to do with lesser signal reception. I noticed that I was getting lesser wifi and cell signals in places where I once did. ATT/APPLE and back and forth APPLE decides to exchange phones. Got a 1.1.4 and signal was great again. Did the update and back in the same situation. So I know its 2.0. I even had the genius ask me if this was pre or post update. I am buying my first Mac Sunday and I hope that this situation with 2.0 and Mobile Me are not signs of what I get for switching.

2.0.1 should drop sooner than 2.1. 2.0 is buggy, but I'm not having anywhere near the same level of problems as Dieter. Overall, some lag, and Apps work better in/intalled via iTunes, for certain.
How bad was 1.0 before 1.1? 1.2?

900 contacts? Do you really need 900 f'n contacts in your iPhone?
That is one of the problems with synching with contacts in Google, Yahoo, etc.
Just because I have emailed you once in my lifetime doesn't mean I need your contact information in my phone. If you could flag contacts you want to synch that would be far more useful than synching the entire contact list in GMail, Yahoo, MobileMe, etc.

I have 150 contacts and I get the lag as well. While it is not so terrible that I dread using the phone it is still a pain.

SMS app hangs, email app hangs, keyboard input very slow. Beside 1 or 2 good app, the firmware 2.0 has brought little but issues, unstability and slowness.
My iPhone now feels like a Microsoft product. Shameful!
To me this is a failure on Apple side.

I have under 100 contacts and the manager is annoyingly laggy. Just using the slider to unlock my phone doesn't even work smooth. It lags across the screen like I'm playing Half-Life over a 56kb modem. I'm actually glad to hear that it isn't just a problem I am seeing. Hopefully they will fix it sooner than later.

Also, syncing in iTunes takes forever and a day but that may be due to me not having any USB 2.0 ports (at least I don't think I do but I'm not sure). Soooooooo slow!

I'm running 2.0 on my "old" (got it 2 weeks before 3G was announced, what a bummer) iPhone 2G, and I'm also, as several others just above, experiencing annoying lag in the Contacts app, 3-5 seconds loadtime etc., not to forget the Text app(sms) where typing has become a nightmare, everytime I push a button, theres a 2-3 seconds delay. What strikes me as very odd about this issue, is the fact that this problem only concerns my Text app, and not all the other apps where-in typing of any sort is involved.

There has to be an update. When I go on some graphic intensive sites like Livejournal (they should have an app for it already!) it will crash before I can post an entry.

@dahlmann: i have that same lagging issue when typing text messages. to get rid of that, i quit and then reload the sms program. that seems to clear out the lag for me.
my other complaints about 2.0 are similar to what others have said. the only reason im not super annoyed i own this phone is because i know apple will provide software updates. im sure its going to take a while but at least i know its least i know im not going to be stuck with buggy software for the next two years.

I was ready to go pick up a 3G to replace my original iPhone, but these problems (and I have installed 2.0 and have the same problem with slowdowns, etc) as well as watching as Leo Laporte restores and Veronica Belmont restore their 3G's over and over I think I'll wait until 2.0.1 drops!

I have lots of lags and lots of crashes. I began turning the phone off and on after installing/updating apps and it seems to help. Maybe it is just coincidental but it does work better if I do that.
Waiting for apps is bad, but seeing the phone/contacts lag is a big time frustration. Truth be told, I would hate to depend on the iPhone to call 911 in an emergency.
As to the # of contacts, I too have hundreds of them. But I have also created separate contact folders for them, and pre-2.0 it only sync'd with the folder I wanted. It now sync's with all the folders, and while there is a way to select separate groups on the 2.0, the main folder with the contacts I want in my phone shows ALL contacts and all groups, not just the main contact folder. My iphone calendar works fine though, allowing me to select which group I want or all groups.
The reason I discarded my Tilt was because of lag issues, so I am bummed to see Apple having it also. But as one reviewer said, at least we have the promise of updates. (and new bugs!)

In a word, terrible. I wanted to try out an iPhone because I was getting sick of the random bugs and lag on my WM devices, but none of my WM6+ devices have ever been this unstable, slow, or annoying. But, I'm still giving it a chance - the large screen and Safari (when it doesn't crash) have spoiled me.

Contacts/Phone app is unacceptably laggy and I've got only about 85 contacts synced. As a long time apple user and advocate of their products it really appears they rushed this one big time and did not do adequate beta testing. I understand their desire for secrecy but it looks like their narrow betas have finally caught up with them and they will need to rethink their priorities in terms of whether to keep their software so secret prior to launch that it compromises usability and stability due to inadequate beta testing.

When I first upgraded to 2.0 (nine days ago), I was getting several crashes a day. It seemed that every new app I tried eventually crashed, or the phone rebooted spontaneously shortly after exiting one of these apps.
In the last four or five days, I have only experienced one or two application crashes or phone reboots. (I think it was actually one of each, closely timed together, but there may have been a couple of extras.)
The reason for the change? The only thing I can think of was that my main computer had to be sent in for repairs, and a bit of resulting indecisiveness by yours truly forced a complete restore of the iPhone from scratch rather than from a backup. My suspicion is that some preference or other file remaining on my phone was being misread by the newer OS.
My advice to anybody upgrading is to start from a clean restore (no backup/upgrade), and to be vigilant about restarting the phone immediately if an application happens to crash.

I don't believe that the number of contacts has anything to do with the delay...
Native Apps can fail to load occasionally and then a reboot is required to get them working again.
Also, a few of the apps out there are very buggy when accessing contacts.

This is the buggiest device I have ever owned. I bought the 16 gb 3g on day 1, had to restore on day 4 in order to get apps to run again (hard boot didn't work). Then had to restore on day 10 because my camera and photos stopped working. 3 hours later (restore OS, backup, then sync 12GB of music and video) I had the exact same problem. Ignored it for a few days. Saturday afternoon restored again, didn't use backup (started as fresh phone), reloaded media, apps, syned contacts, redid settings (3 hours later again) the camera and photos work, but I am afraid to load any images from my computer as I am afraid the same problem will begin again.
I LOVE the hardware, the apps are great, but the OS is a piece of poo! Hoping they can release 2.0.1 and fix some of the instability. The contacts lag a lot at times for me as well, other times it is fine. Plus twice now, the phone has gotten stuck in "no service" mode even though I am in a location with strong signal and I have to reboot to make it find the towers again. Frustrating when you don't notice it and you miss two calls.

Having the same problems. Majorly delayed text entry, Safari crashing at sights that used to work find. AppStore apps that won't run after an update. Seemingly random slowdowns.

I only have around 10 contacts so far, and still the Contacts app is lagging... Doesn't really solve the problem, but a little advice: when you send an E-Mail or SMS, instead of going into the Contacts, just start typing the name of the contact and the accounts/numbers will appear, surprisingly in this case very fast!!!

now that apple has these more advanced features were seeing instability issues that everyone loved to fault windows mobile over. Of course I've never had a WM device as unstable as this iPhone.

I like the 2.0 software for the most part, but I can't help but feel that 1.1.4 was so much faster. I run into many "hiccups" that I have to attribute to it being the first firmware of its kind and that it is pretty intensive on the iPhone, but still I don't want to start making excuses for Apple even though I love their products. When the 2.1 software comes out, I believe all the hiccups will be cured and hopefully we can get our cut, copy, and paste on and maybe, just maybe... we can get a proper GPS program. Hell, even if its good ole' Telenav, I'll still be happy with that because Telenav actually works pretty well on the Sprint Instinct so I don't see how it wouldn't be great on the iPhone.

Hi everyone, I am glad to see I am not the only one who thought I had a bad phone. I still have the original iPhone, but with 2.0, I can relate to most of the complaints mentioned above. Is anyone experiencing problems with the sound from the iPod? I know the earphones that came with the iPhone are not the best, but I used to get good sound out of them. After the upgrade to 2.0, I have a hard time using the hands free earphones on calls, and the reception is bad. When I play music, it sounds horrible, I have tried the different options under the iPod option, and nothing works. The sounds was so much better before, I wonder if Apple wants me to buy a new set of earphones to really hear the music the way its supposed to be heard?

Anybody else having trouble getting the phone to wake up? Anytime I allow my screen to got off I have to reboot the phone.
The fix better be quick as I need my phone to work and I am already pricing Blackberrys.

Same problems as others. Laggy.. I do love having active sync on my phone now. I have connections to all my business contacts calender and emails. Unfortunatly this new ability also seomtimes causes all mail to stop. My only indication is when i don't get email within 30 min or so. If I re-boot it all comes back to life. 900 contacts is normal for people who use iphone for work, i have more then that. When your on the road it can be a life saver. Active sync on the iphone is much better then email on a blackberry. I to am waiting though until there is a little more stability to get the new phone and give my 2g to my lady.

One thing I noticed regarding the contact list...when the contact standalone app is launched there's the lag, but when the contact list is accessed via the phone app there is no lag or it's greatly reduced.

What a mess. I allowed the 2.0 update, and the phone has been a mess ever since. Outgoing calls hang (no action). Incoming voicemail sometimes doesn't arrive until I reboot. And yes, it's significantly slower. Note - I have NO extra apps's a stock 4GB iPhone without touching anything.
Absolutely crazy. I thought people bought Apple products for stability.

Oh, and the outgoing email configuration got hosed. I'm disgusted with the whole d*** thing!

The outgoing e-mail of the iphone keeps killing the outgoing smpt's of my iphone, have to keep putting my outing e-mail info back in. This is one problem that is very annoying.
Some people cannong get their email to even work on wi fi
This will fix your problem
use this DNS
This has fixed a lot of problems for people who had a full wi-fi signa but could not connect.
Good Luck Mark!

E-Mail works but all outgoing smtp fails, than you enter passwords back in and then it works for a few days, then purges again...only problem I am having......
Some friends are showing connected to wi fi at full power, but nothing works until they change to this IP address...has worded for over a 100 users....
use this DNS
Good Luck
I reset my email accounts for the third time. The problem is the outgoing smtp's they work, and than eventually get purged from tunes somehow. Of course gmail works, but I hate web based e-mail....

Just downloaded 2.0 last week decided to wait! Wish I NEVER did it! Phone drops calls, periodically can't hear when using ear piece, phone doesn't ring all the time nor vibrate when receiving calls, poor Edge reception, slow text when typing, won't check email regularly when opening mail, have to re-boot to access mail!, and now the upper part of my screen doesn't work therefore the phone is inoperable! So now apple is charging me 29 Bucks to "borrow" an apple care phone while they fix mine! Considering buying a 3G. I didn't have ONE single problem with my phone since I purchased it 6 months ago until this software issue! And no the 2.0.1 update didn't do anything to fix it! I spent 3 hours on the phone last night with Apple of which 2 and half hours were spent on hold for two calls! So disappointed!

anybody else experience problems sending email with the old phone on version 2.0 or greater? i go in to send the email and it shows the sending and then crashes - screen goes black for a quick blip and mail is never sent. i use gmail and have tried imap and pop - it was configured for imap all along and never had any issues until 2.0 came out. nothing on apple's iphone support pages either =( btw - where can you set the DNS for the iphone? not for sure if that will help but it might. thanks in advance.

I have and another problem besides the sleep issue and the general slowness instability 2.0. I just discovered that everytime I try to use the camera the phone reboots. I see the shutter thing appear on my screen. Then when the shutter graphic should open and show the camera view the screen flashes and the IPhone start booting.
I have wiped and restored this thing about 5 times I have tried retoring as a new Iphone. I have never unlocked or jail broken this phone. It was so stable with 1.1.4 but even 2.0.1 is buggy as hell on the 2G IPhone.
Unlike an IPod I need my phone Apple has really hurt their reputation with this one.
P.S. Apple if you you cannot make my six month old 2G Iphone work I am not upgrade to a 3G Iphone you will lose my business. I also don't think the 2 year contract with AT&T for IPhone sevice is void after Apple renders the phone unusable. Class Action? ....

ditto with the email problems. So frustrating. The only way I can receive emails is by powering off then on again, then I receive, so it is not the pop settings, etc. All was well with 1.1.4, wish I never did the upgrade.
Apple support says there is no way to go back to 1.1.4. There has to be! Somebody please figure it out!
To add insult to injury, Support told me today I will need to pay for support soon, I've had my iPhone too long I guess. Sounds a lot like Microsoft support...
My fear at this point, Apple, like Microsoft will find a way to make the situation even worse.
Regarding MrWillieMatt, I agree Apples reputation is being destroyed by these problems and lack of knowledgeable / helpful support. As for the comment of taking his business away from Apple, why would Apple care if both MrWillieMatt and I were to not buy Apples products.
So who is collecting names for the Class Action?

Make sure your Sarfari webpage is set to 'Google' (or something like it) where it is not trying to load anything. That helps the lag quite a bit. Doesn't solve it completely but it sure helps.

I wonder when RIM will start running "Switcher Adverts" for iPhone users switching to Blackberry?
Seriously, I have so many problems with the 3G iPhone running 2.0.2 that it is becoming unusable as a phone, emailer or web surfing device. I already gave up on apps.
Also O2's 3G coverage sucks even in London. Outside the M25 you're back down to GPRS! Maybe it's not O2 though maybe it's the iPhone. There have been reports of back to back tests with different manufacturers phones in the same location where other phones are working fine but the iPhone gives zilch.
My 2G iPhone which was jailbroken to run on Orange was so much more reliable. I would run it for a week without ever switching it off. No crash's, no unexplained slow downs, no dead and lost email. Yeah and I also was running a bunch of useful free apps including MMS, video, voice navigation, painting + drawing, games, etc,
Apple, are you listening?
Don't give up the incredible lead you have gained and the passion from your loyal customers by putting out this crud.
Let's hope you don't have to do a device recall but I guarantee if I don't get a properly functioning iPhone by the end of this month I'll be a switcher.
Sorry, but I have a life and it isn't based around debugging an iPhone

HI. iPhone 2.0.2 and I still almost daily have to restart the phone for the mail to work. 1st gen phone..

At least you didn't lose your WiFi! I have to send my phone in and get it repaired. Never had an issue with it and when I downloaded the 2.0 it wiped it out completely. Mistake. Mistake. Is the Webapps that important to lose the phone's functionality! What a crock!

i updated my old iphone 2G to 2.0.2 was good in begining BUT slowly i got problems wuth cydia / installer and was not able to install any of app.i thought to downgrade back to 1.4 but it not possible. after this i gone to setting and choose to erase all my fone starts n freezes on the apple logo that i get in starting i kept the fone on for abt 5 hrs also then also no use.