How's the battery life on your new iPad?

Now that you've had some time to get used to your new iPad, how long is the battery life lasting you? Our review shows that we've got about 9 hours of usage on the LTE model, and that's consistent with Apple's listed lifespan, as well as the results found in AnandTech's testing.  Still, we've heard a few scattered reports of dramatic drops in battery life in our forums, and thought we should hear from the rest of you to see what your experience has been like.

Of course, there are a few issues with the new iPad charging, namely that it takes 9 hours to fill up from scratch, but if you've still got some juice left when going to bed, charging overnight should do the trick. Keep in mind that you'll charge a lot faster using the 10W charger that came with the new iPad rather than plugging it in to your computer. Using the new iPad while it's charging isn't going to speed things up, either.

So, show of hands - is anyone consistently killing their battery in a single day? How long have you been able to go with the new iPad without charging? Most importantly, are you satisfied with the battery life? Apple managed to do a great thing by doubling the pixel density and adding 4G LTE without changing the battery life from the iPad 2, but odds are you'll be using the new iPad a little more than your old tablet.

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How's the battery life on your new iPad?


My 32GB, WiFi-only, came on the16th. I charged it the first day and one time since then. I get at least 4 days on each charge. I turned off location, notification, push, etc. I turned down the brightness. I have no complaints regarding heat issues, battery life, WiFi problems, etc.

I get about the same with the same settings, with more turned on I get about 2 days with normal use..

Battery life is fantabulous! There's also no heat coming from this thing at all. It's COLDER than my original iPad 1. That's after equal usage, too.

I try to get it around 15% before recharging. That can take three days, or so to get there, so battery life is great.

I have a 32G WiFi only. If I use it heavy, I can get to 15% or less in a day, but it takes a full day of playing with it. That is not my norm, so about three days to kill it.

BAD- if compared with iPad2....
I using 4G + Wifi, 32GB. It Only stand about 8hours. Even less thn it whn using 3G(Maxis).
BIGGEST complaint! It may take about 6-7hours from 11%-100%
Beside tat, the Retina Screen r Gorgeous!...Apple r stil making Great Product.

Coming from an iPad first generation, the battery on the new iPad takes a much quicker hit on full brightness versus the iPad first-gen at full brightness.

My battery lasts me about four to five days. A little better than the iPad 2. Not understanding these heating issues people are having. Mine doesn't even get warm.

I have been using it since the 16th of March. The battery lasts just as long as the original iPad. Which is really a very long time.

For some of us with poor sight the brightness really has to be set as bright as possible. This I've found really limits the battery life especially if you play 3D games or use face time. I'm lucky to get a days usage (about 2-4 hours). At full brightness my iconia w500 tab lasts about the same as the ipad 3. Great bit of kit and I'm sure much better if you can live with a dimmer screen. Nice bit of kit apart from this oh and wifi is a bit strange at times and I have to reset my router that and I'm thinking of flipping it over after a bit of game playing and using it to keep my coffee warm :).