How's your battery life on iOS 6 and iPhone 5?

Whether you bought a brand new iPhone 5 or you upgraded an existing device to iOS 6, one of the first concerns everyone has is battery life. Is it better? Is it worse? Is it the same? A new device or new version of iOS typically does more than the last one, and because it's new, we typically use it more, at least in the beginning. Problems with backups, with push, with location services, with apps that don't shut down properly all also seem more common as everyone, from Apple to developers, gets used to the new hardware and software.

I already published my traditional list of battery life trouble shooting tips, so if you're having problems check those out and see if they help.

Then let me know -- how is your battery life on your new iPhone 5, or your newly updated iOS 6 device? Vote up top and give me the details in the comments below!

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How's your battery life on iOS 6 and iPhone 5?


It's been great so far on the 5. My 4S had something wrong with it though, so anything is an improvement. After nine hours I'd leave work at 20% on the 4S. Now I'm at 75% in the same time period.

Great so far.
Just checked to see what it was and realized that I forgot to charge it last night. Batt is at 50% which is remarkable since I unplugged it 24 hours ago and used it all day yesterday. I use BT in the car. Also, I leave the screen at 100% brightness. Quite an improvement from the 4s.

i'm reserving judgement for another couple days. it's impossible to tell since it's got the "new toy" usage levels going on right now. it seems to be holding up about the same as my 4s.

Really not as good as I thought it'd be, at 9% at the end of the day when I get home. 6 hours of use on wifi.. meh should be better.

I'm still learning about the iPhone 5 battery habits, but it looks like I'm good for a little better than 2 days of standby and 6-8 hours of usage (and I have several email accounts setup). My iPhone 4 with iOS 5 pretty much hit the 20% mark after 48 hours. I don't like the red battery, so that's when I recharged. When I added iOS 6.0 beta 2 it was really bad, but starting with Beta 3, I was getting nearly 3 days of standby time with the same usage. Looks like the iPhone 5 is going to be a little better than the 48 hour mark before hitting 20%

I upgraded to the iPhone 5 from the 4s - after I did a back up from my 4s and put all my information back onto the 5 my battery was absolutely horrible. I would charge it to 100% and it was dropping about 15% ever 45 mins - 1 hour without even using it. After reading some stuff on your blog I found that many times doing a backup, for some unknown reason, kills your battery and/or screws something up internally to make it drain quicker. I since did a complete restore and started my device as a new device - since then it has been amazing! Thanks iMore - LINK:

Yea that's a problem that's been around for a while. The only thing bad about it isthat you lose your game saves and other things like car mileage tracking info.

The iPhone 5 battery life is definitely better than the 4s. I get about 8 hours usage before it hits 20%. I am on wifi most of the day so I think the 10 hours usage on Wifi is accurate.

I think this is the first iPhone that can truly last you all day. I am a heavy user and sometimes I had to charge the 4S in the evening.

With the 4s, I was having issues with my battery life after iOS6 upgrade last week. On Sunday, I let my battery die completely and then gave it a full charge. Seems much better with standby time. Seems about the same with usage.

Last 2 times I charged it were fine, but last night I plugged it in and woke up this morning and it was only charged to 90%? Not 100% even though it was charging for 6+ hours? Now I am worried. Hope it doesn't do it again.

My iPad 3 seems about the same but it is plugged up a bunch anyway. This weekend it wasn't and my son hammered it (gaming and Netflix for hours with his cousins) and it was good for a couple days of use.

I find if I power off, the battery can last days, even a month, or two.

Could not help that last statement. On iOS 6, the battery life is the same as iOS 5. I use the phone heavy, reading news, iMore, email, and run apps. I also make calls. I still get a full day, nine plus hours, before I get to 10%, or less. The only problem with iOS 6, it will drop a strong WiFi signal, and go back to 4G. Does it off, and on. I reset the phone, and WiFi, but if streaming music, or video, it will drop. I believe this is a bug in iOS 6.

I voted too soon! I thought I was getting the same battery consumption as my iPhone 4 however that is not the case. My iPhone 5 is a battery hog for sure! Barely lasts me the day with the same amount of usage as my 4...sad face here!

The new iOS is killing my 4s battery I can be at work for 5 hours and not use the phone and no apps running and it drains down to 50% and if I'm using the phone it dies in an hour or so

Same thing here. Its definitely draining faster then it was with iOS 5. (I am an iPhone 4S user)
I thought maybe because of all the new features. But then after reading the tipb guide on battery life after iOS 6, I made sure nothing was turned on, even location services for reminders and passbook, which I don't use. But still, battery drains. After I wake up in the morning. About an hour later phone is by 87% and that's not even using it. :(( cant wait to buy the iPhone 5 in October.

I think it is about the same of iOS 6 as 5 with my iPad 2. Now that Apple has added 'Usage' stats (Settings -> General -> Usage), I see that I'm getting around 16+ hours of usage, and 17+ including standby periods, between charges. That seems to match my estimates when I was using iOS 5, possibly even slightly longer.

I'm sure it would be less if I did heavy video watching or gaming. I typically use my iPad more for work and browsing (I use a number of productivity apps on it). It gets turned on in the morning when I get up, and I usually just leave it running all day, unless it is packed away while I'm traveling.

iPhone 4S running iOS6: First: I did a DFU and Restore from backup. Use it for 2 days notice "Dynamic Battery Drain" about 4 - 5 hours. I use my iPhone all day with all the useful Battery Tips this and other sites have.
Second: Did a DFU and Restore to "New", after reinstalling everything from setting, apps, to music, etc.. same result.
Before upgrade to iOS 6 my iPhone 4S was running 5.1.1 "Jailbroken" with many tweaks and JB Apps installed. My iPhone 4S would last ( about 6-7hours ( no joke ) using it the same way I always do.
I thought not being Jailbroking would increase battery not drain it more..
Example: I took my iPhone 4S off the charger at 6:30am before going to work. About 11:30am it was down to 15-20%. I most likely had about an hour before it die. Thats about 5hours total. It's bad

wow. It seems all of you are lucky! My iPhone 5 dies in 2 hours. I unplug it when its fully charged, and 30 minutes later or less its already down to 80%! It's ridiculous. LOVE the phone but I hate the battery. I've tried all the tricks and tips too. Nothing works.