How's your battery life on iOS 6.1? [Poll]

iOS 6.1 has been out for a while now -- and iOS 6.1.1 just hit for the iPhone 4S -- so we're wondering how your battery life is doing? It seems every time Apple pushed out an update, some people get better battery life, others get worse battery life, and many just stay the same.

Part of this good be fresh starts with fresh versions cleaning out cruft that has built up for a while, or it could be bit-rot from old installs backed up and restored far too often. If your battery life is horrible, we have a bunch of really useful iOS 6 battery life fixes for you to try out. Either way, we want to know what you're experiencing!

Let us know how your battery life is doing, whether you set up as a new iPhone or iPad, whether you're jailbroken, and whether or not you have tons of push notifications going off all the time, or if you're running with almost none.

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How's your battery life on iOS 6.1? [Poll]


It was bad before and it is still bad. As the old saying goes with home electrical meters, "I could sharpen a knife on the rotating wheel it is moving so fast."

If my iPhone had a spinning wheel I could really sharpen a knife on it.

Sometimes it doesn't happen but at times I could stare at the battery icon on the phone for 5 minutes and see it decrease almost 5%. And on and on. I can't last an 8 hour day usually and I am not a power user.

Got so much worse with 6.1 but I also JB'd my phone. I only have a few push notifications and nothing new since the update. Having a scientific mind I hate making two drastic changes and not being able to easily figure out which is causing the problem.

i'm on ios 6.1 & JB now, in my country (indonesia) update for 6.1.1 is not available yet. and yes the battery is quite worse than ios 6 (don't know is it because of JB),. when the update is available, will i lose my JB if i update my os to 6.1.1?

I experience a much better battery life. Where my phone would go ½ a day I manage to make it to mid evening. So approximately a 7 hr gain.

My battery life was "excellent" before 6.1.1. After the upgrade, it's still pretty darn good and may be a smidge under excellent now. But I'm still very very happy with my battery still lasts all day long.

I've had excellent battery life on my iPhone 5 since I've had the thing. iOS 6.1 seems just as good, if not better than what I was getting before the update.

Your battery life is probably worst because of all the tweaks you use. When you JB your phone, you don't even notice but you use it more to play around with your tweaks and that just use the battery a little more. Try to use your phone as normal and see how it goes.

my battery sucks. it's the update and nothing to do with a jailbrake. I think it's something to do with the scrolling frame rate. it looks a lot more smother now with 6.1 but I think it also use more battery. I could just be seeing things but it's maybe to try and fix the scroll bug from before....

am I the only one that thinks why the iphone5 still has edge and not 3G for the slow network when not on 4g or LTE? also why does it not say LTE loads data faster but may decrease battery life like it did on 3G.
long term evolution / Lie To Everyone........

The battery on the iPhone 5 is amazing. Yesterday 16 hours standby and 6 hours usage at the end of the day and still had 45% remaining.

My battery life seems unchanged. These battery issues have been going on since the iPhone 4S and there are many threads on Appl's support forum going back to the 4s. the complaints are uncannily similar. My iPhone 5 had a bout of this fast battery drain at one point on 6.0. It's unmistakeable when its happening, you can almost see the battery % going down in real time.

The prevailing wisdom is that something goes weird with the update and restore process. In my case I did a reinstall as a clean phone and had to rue download my apps and reset any settings that weren't in iCloud. Haven't had a problem since.

Jailbroke immediately on 6.1 so it's not a fair comparison to not jailbroken on 6.0.2. Yes, the battery is draining a little quicker, but I have a ton of jailbreak apps/tweaks installed. Still happy with it.

On first install, it was terrible, something was clearly actively draining it. I re-installed 6.1 and restored from a backup and that seemed to do the trick, it's decent now.

My battery life is somewhat worse... incrementally so. I wouldn't describe it as "Terrible" so I think a survey offering a more moderate response might yield more accurate results. Instead I had to answer "Other", which is meaningless in a results summary.

The battery life is about the same.. The only complaint I have is I swear my iPhone 4S battery life was a lot longer than my iPhone 5