How's your iOS 7 battery life? [Poll]

How's your iOS 7 battery life? [Poll]

It's been one week since Apple released iOS 7 - read our complete iOS 7 review - and half-a-week since Apple launched the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c - and that means it's about time we asked you how your battery life is doing on new and old devices alike? Any time a new version of iOS comes out, or we get new devices in our hands, some people seem to get great battery life and others seem to get terrible battery life. This time, however, there seems to be a "breaking in" period. For many people the first day or two sees a huge decrease in battery life, and then things get better - sometimes much better. For others, things aren't getting better. Is the new operating system taxing older hardware? Are the new background processes consuming more power? Are we simply using all the new features more than we used the old ones?

We're already posted our iOS 7, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c battery life trouble shooting tips, but now we want to hear from you. No quality assurance process in the world beats 200 million people hammering away at your product, and no one knows just how good, or bad, iOS 7 battery life is than the people using it every day.

So tell us, how's your iOS 7 batter life? Vote in the poll up top and then tell us what device(s) your running it on and give us all the details in the comments below!

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How's your iOS 7 battery life? [Poll]


It's probably not because i'm using iPhone 5 any more than before, because my usage is pretty much the same, but my battery life is probably worse. Not a whole lot worse though.

I noticed that if I would hold the power + home button to do a reset, the battery life would drop too fast for me to notice. The only way to counter it, is to use the ResetMusicAndVideosLibraries.mobileconfig that was provided for in beta 6.

Worse on my 4S, but my 5S lasts much longer than my 4S ever did. I realize my 4S is 2 years old, and the battery life was beginning to show it, but after update on to iOS 7, it immediately got noticeably worse.

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Exactly the same case with me! On 6, it used to last for about a day. Now I have to charge my phone in the evening. I've disabled background refresh, parallax and most of the 'not so necessary' effects and services. Still the same. Loving the os though!

It has improved for me on my iPhone 5. Same as described with as the growing pains or "break in" period. A bit better than 6.1.3 that came installed out of the box.

The parallax option (3d effect of icons and how it interacts with the wallpaper) is the culprit on my iPhone. Once I went into Settings > General > Accessibility > and turned on "Reduce Motion" my battery went back to normal. on my iPhone 5.

Thank you for that, the wallpaper effect was getting annoying -- wish that setting reduced or sped-up the warping effect of the icons when the screen comes on...

I noticed this too. Is that even possible with a software update? You know, besides faking it like they did with the cell strength back in the day...

Can't be sure if they did bc of the placebo effect when it comes to new devices/updates, but yes it is possible via a software update

Terrible is an understatement on my iPad. Can't believe how worthless ios7 has made this thing. Thankfully don't have an iphone

I had noticed a drop in battery life on my 4S but since upgrading to the 5S it's amazing, much improved. Whether that's ios7 or the new phone I'm not sure yet.

Battery sucked on my 4S for the first couple of days, but I attribute that to using my phone more because I was so fascinated by iOS 7. I guarantee you that is the reason for most battery issues. Then you get used to the update, you return to using your phone at normal levels, and battery life returns to normal.
That said, I see the "location services" icon on my menu bar EVERY time I wake up my phone from sleep. Either iOS is using my location a LOT more (everrry time I wake up my phone) or iOS 7 is just being more honest about how often it uses location services.

In iOS 7, there's now a "Frequent Locations" feature that Apple have turned on by default. It takes your location quite often, and can also be a battery hog. However, it does provide quite useful information such as "It will take you 10 minutes to drive home" and similar messages that I'm sure you've noticed in Notification Centre on iOS 7.

If you wish to turn this feature off, you can in Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services -> Frequent Locations.

It's a useful feature, however I can understand why people don't like it (they don't want to be constantly tracked, frequently using location services may drain battery more quickly etc.).

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Mine was worse at first, granted I was using it more, and I work in an area with shoddy coverage. However, due to the newly put in wifi where I'm actually working at (until I move onto the next project), using my phone less, and actually turning things on that were killing battery life, it's lasting a decent amount now.

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i used both the iphone 5 and 5S, seems like battery drainage is a constant issue, i dont even use ios7 out of fascination (already had my time with beta) i was hoping the problem would not occur on my 5S (also taking in the fact it has a slightly larger battery). but i get up in the morning, out the door and im down to 96% with no usage.........

At least you only loose 4%. when I wake up i loose from 8 to 12% just by checking the weather.

Battery hasn't been too bad on iPhone 5s, usually getting around 6-7 hours of usage on 3G (plus quite a few hours on standby). Using iOS 7 on iPhone 4 I didn't really notice too much difference between iOS 6 and iOS 7 battery life. I probably averaged an extra 45 minutes of usage after installing iOS 7, before it died.

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The battery life on my iPhone 4 is better. I pulled my phone off the charger at 5:30 a.m. and at 11:30 a.m. I still had 100%. I had checked notification and did some texting. This is in the 5 to 7 percent better range. iOS 7 makes me want to hold onto my iPhone 4 until apple puts out the iPhone 6 and them maybe get the 5s. Batter life is the big issue for me. I had an android phone that would lose 10 to 20 percent a hour just sitting in my pocket. Apple has alway had good battery life and iOS 7 just makes it better.

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My battery life has totally diminished once i installed iOS 7. Now i have to go around places with my charger because this new iOS no longer allows my external battery to work with my iPhone. Are they going to change this idiocies? I NEED my external battery for when I'm out and about.

It's about the same, turn off the motion for the wallpaper helps and the background app refresh. I love the look but my iPhone 5 seem sluggish and laggy. I'm not really happy with that at all. And apps force closes out. Like my clash of clans game and iMessage lags sometimes when typing.

Worse, than before. Same use of iPhone 5 and about one day less battery life. Ipad 2 working better than expected and maybe the problem is with the battery of the iPhone 5.

There is a new feature called Background fetch where data can be fetched when the app is in background mode. The nice thing about it, is that iOS7 is learning about the usage of the app and schedules this fetch according to the usage. So there is a learning process of iOS ... it's possible that at first iOS is fetching to much but after a certain time this should improve battery life ...

I experienced exactly what you said on my iphone5. First 2 days the battery life really took a hit, after that it has gotten better and I think now it's same as with ios 6

I've seen worse battery life out of my iPhone5. I'd already turned off animated wallpaper, and just turned off Frequent Locations (thanks for the tip above).

I've had two instances of my phone dying while on a run (yes, using GPS). Wasn't just a crash because it showed "low battery" icon when trying to power back on. Might just be a bug in "Moves" app. I was actually running three GPS apps at the same time: RunKeeper, Zombies! Run, and Moves. Last run I didn't use Moves and it worked fine, so I'm suspecting that.

Mind has been awesome. It's 11:06 here in Cali and I've had about 6 hours and 42 minutes of usage and 22 hours of standby. My iPhone 5S is on 21% right now.

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The battery life on my iPad 3 has definitely decreased, Ive switched off wobbly wall paper etc. Am I the only person in the world to notice Siris' voice quality has also got worse?

The battery life on my Ipad 3 was worse the first few days but seems to be getting better like the article mentioned. It's certainly more buggy I think I'm getting back to ios6 battery levels.

Definitely worse for me too. Almost seems to be a 'hole' at the top where battery will drop very quickly from 100% to around 90. Wasn't like this before.
Clean install (no backup) on iPhone 5.

My battery life has been shorter and I have disabled a lot of features but there has to be some problem that's causing the low battery that I'm not aware of.

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There is a long term issue with iPhones doing an OS install with backup from the cloud. Not for everyone but it can make battery life much worse. The solution, if it happens to you is to do a reinstall without backup. Then you have to re download all your apps and reconfigure them but your battery life will return to normal. Personally verified this plus discussions with others. Never fails.

For me using an iPhone 5, using the dynamic wallpapers drain battery faster! But still wallpapers (even with that the moving 3d effect) is ok!
My 2 cents!

iPhone 5. When I first updated the battery life was awful, I was getting maybe five hours on a full charge. Then I did the leave the phone on until the battery is dead trick and now the battery life is better than ever. The other day I took the phone off the charger at 4:30 AM and at 9:30 PM the battery still had 45% left. Some days the battery seems to stay at 100% for a long time. Very happy!

I find that battery life is strictly based on the apps I use. There are a few that totally suck it down such as Mailbox, Waze, and EBay. It would be nice if there were a utility to show which apps kill it.

The battery life seems about the same, but there's a bug when you start to get low. My phone tends to shut down when the battery is only around 10%. Sometimes it'll shutdown when it's around 20%.

My battery life increased dramatically before iOS 7 by deleting the FB app and using the browser instead. That app sucks.

That being said, it hasn't changed much since I upgraded to iOS 7.

Hard to say, but at first running IOS7 it seemed a little less life, but tweaking background data sync (turning off the not necessary items) seemed to put it back to normal. The hit to me didn't seem that bad when everything was turned on and it was such a short time testing that it may just be the way I was using it during that time.

If you are using an iPhone 4 or 4S, your battery won't be as good. Also, since its a new OS, most people find themselves using there phone a lot. And thats normal, and that can be why your battery is draining faster. You just don't realize it. I have an iPhone 5, and my battery is just fine. I get through the day on one charge.

At first it sucked...but then I noticed my GPS arrow on very often and only 3 apps set ON in Location Settings. So i turned them all off. Battery got a little better. Yesterday, my phone shut off at 25%!!!! I have an iPhone5 64gb. I turned it back on, it showed 29%. And shut right back off! Very irritating and in all, my phone lasts about 8hrs thats combined stby and usage. So charging it no less than 2-3 times daily!!! Apple- please please please make an iPhone with a battery that'll last at least 24hrs!! Just make it as an option for those of us that need loooong battery life! I had a mophie but feel that kinda messed with the phones battery.

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You guys nailed it Rene. I used your tips to turn off some features on my iPhone 5 and it got better. I then heard the MacBreak Weekly you hosted and heard that the phones were recovering somehow. Everything is turned on again and battery life is good. I guess I owe an apology to @tim_cook. Of course Apple doesn't give us any explanations or "heads ups" to expect these short term problems so I don't feel too bad.

Coming from Android Samsung Nexus to the 5S, battery life is awesome! I've gone from charging daily to going 2-3 days on one charge, with light use.

Battery life on my iphone 4 is fine. Main problem I'm having is with Verizon's network. At work I'm getting a 1x signal status. Never saw this before the update and based on posts at Verizon's forum, I'm not the only one.

The battery life on my iPhone 5 has improved by roughly 15% since the upgrade. I have no idea why, but I'm sure not complaining.

Wanted to share my experience fixing a serious battery drain on iPhone 4S after update to ios 7. Updated my iPhone 5 with no problems and battery life seems about same as before. Updated my wife's iPhone 4S and the battery life was seriously bad. Would completely drain by lunchtime with very light use. Tried turning everything that uses more battery off but no significant improvement. Also tried rebooting and a full restore and no improvement. However it was good when set up as new iPhone. In the end I decided to restore again as I hadn't backed up contacts. My wife seems to accumulate useless apps and not remove so I decided to get rid of all those crummy apps - jewel this, something saga, various shops apps etc. but keep all well known apps - Facebook, amazon etc. and battery life is great. Will now try reinstalling apps in small groups to see which is/are responsible if my wife wants them.

Since I'm posting this about 2 days after the blog item was posted, no one may see this, but I thought I'd post in hopes that it helps someone...

My 2 cents about battery life.

I believe that one big culprit in battery life usage for most folks is in the "failed attempts" of the various radios within the phone to connect to the service they are intending to connect to. I believe this to be true for: GPS (Location Services), WiFi, LTE, 4g, 3g, etc. etc. for the protocol acronyms. I believe when these services attempt to connect and fail, they re-attempt and fail to often, draining the battery. There should be a sliding scale algorithm, perhaps with a sliding adjustable bar for advance users, that controls how often these radios attempt to connect after a failed attempt. In addition, perhaps only for advanced users, there should be an, "Okay try it now" action to reinitialize the algorithm. My 2 cents.

I'm disappointed and amazed at the same time. iOS 7 reduced the battery life of my 1 month old iPad mini by half. Where before it was lasting up to 2 days on constant usage, it now only lasts 1 day. It charges much quicker though. Still very annoying if this happens to a new device. Quite the opposite on my iPhone 4. This was a pain to use as the battery was only lasting 2-3 hours when I used it a lot. Now, after the upgrade the battery life seems endless.

I finally found a real solution for this problem. I tried everything above but my final solution fixed my battery problem and all other iOS related problems forever.

Step one:
Toss your iPhone to a busy street and let heavy vehicles drive over it

Step two:
Go and buy Samsung (I bought cover 2)