How's your iOS 7.0.3 battery life? [Poll]

iOS 7.0.3 has been with us for almost a full week now, so it's about time we talked battery life. As is so often the way every time a new version of iOS drops, some people see improvements, some the exact opposite. As iOS 7 continues to update, we'd hope that the majority were in the first camp, but sadly it isn't the case. We've already discussed battery life on previous builds of iOS 7, so how does it compare now we're bumped up to 7.0.3?

We've already posted our iOS 7, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c battery life trouble shooting tips, but now we want to hear from you. After all, there's no better test than the millions upon millions of iOS users putting it through its paces!

So, how is your iOS 7.0.3 battery life? Better, about the same, worse? Drop your vote up top, and your thoughts in the comments below. Don't forget to let us know what device you're running it on!

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How's your iOS 7.0.3 battery life? [Poll]


Good after some tweaking. You really do need to check the settings to see what's background updating and what's location tracking your device.

Compared to not tweaking and running the OS at their default or native settings? definitely. but still slightly worse than with 6.1.4

My battery life is a bit worse. I'm constantly having to charge my iPhone. I suppose it doesn't bother me, though, because I know that my iPhone 4S doesn't have the mighty battery cell of an iPhone 5 . I expect to see grand improvements when[ever] I upgrade.

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Battery life on iPhones are not sufficient. They are very poor.

I remember when I had the iPhone 4 and I ordered battery online and replaced it myself. Did not make a difference. I should never have had to do that.

The iPhone 5 didn't seem to have any better battery life than the 4. And now I have the 5c, which is like 10% better but entirely negligible.

with my 5S I have just about everything turned off.. its about 1% drop every 1-2 hours in stand by. Actually using the phone is blah.. roughly 4-5 hours "use". I like to think of the iPhone as the device to use when I'm trying to regain my social life.. I cant ever actually use it because it will die too quick so its always just in my pocket idle.. If I decide one week I don't want a social life and I'd rather play on my phone "All day" then I use my Droid Maxx.. that's all there is to that subject..

Thats odd my 5S lasts a good 14 hrs with constant use of Emailing, trading stocks, social media, constant twitter, and some games.

Why don't u do urself and us a favour. Just double that battery hours, then i will believe u, fanboy. And i use iPhone5.

When I sleep overnight this also happens. My battery drops 1% every 1-2 hour. I suspect it's due to whatsapp or facebook running in background.

The usage hour increased by around 20 minutes overnight while I'm just lit my phone up just to check the clock

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My iPhone 5s is at 71%, it's 9:30 pm and I unplugged it at 6:30 am. I've tweeted, face booked, texted, played a couple of games and talked to my daughter for an hour. Battery life is pretty darn good.

It's really just as sucky as when I first got iOS 7 on iPhone 4. Wish iPhone 4 users only have the ability to downgrade, at least. grrrrr.

I guess it could be worse. We could have to take our chargers with us everywhere *coughs* Android? *coughs*

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good point, everyone has iPhone so you dont have to take your own, you can just use theirs lol

I've been getting about 6-7 hours of usage on my iPhone 5, 32gb, Verizon, running iOS7.

But that's also spread out over about 36 hours of standby time.

I feel like my old iPhone 4 got closer to 8-9 hours of usage time.

I've tried multiple tweaks, but the usage on the 5 doesn't seem to improve.

The battery life on my iPhone 5 on 7.0.3 was actually very good (having done a clean install), but is fairly poor on my 5s. Unplugged my phone at about midday today, had average usage & at 10pm I'm on 8%.

I use my phone quite a bit throughout the day and I only need to charge it once a day. I don't always use it for video or music but it's way better than what it was on iOS 6 (iPhone 5)

My iP5 seems to move a little faster through its battery than usual especially after it gets below 20% for whatever reason. Also I've noticed that it will shutoff completely at different low levels (ie saw it once at 5%, 8% and after 1%).

On another note, In the future can you make these kinds of polls device specific? Data collected would be more relevant than.


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I have an iPod Touch 5, and an iPad 3. I find the battery doesn't last as long on either device since I updated to the first iOS 7 update. I find, especially with my iPad, that my battery will drop from 100% to 99% within a minute of use. And I've changed nothing in my usage patterns since before the update.

Ive said it before and I'll say it again...Apple please make an extended battery model of your next iphone! I know it'll be thicker, but it will sell!!! Make it a 15hr battery, that's triple the current battery. PLEASE!!!

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I take my 7.0.3 iPhone 4S off the charger at about 5:30 AM. I put it on the charger at about 10:30 PM with anywhere from 15-35% charge depending on usage. I also use a Nokia Lumia 920 which has never had any "random battery drain" issues; sitting idle, my 4S drains battery faster than my 920. Under moderate to heavy use, however, the 920 drains faster.

For whatever that's worth, of course.

I should note that on both phones I keep WiFi on, Bluetooth off, location services off, and I'm fetching 1 email account every 15 minutes (an Exchange server).

The battery life really sucks ! And how is it that apple is taking 5% off the new phones already ?Well why cant they give there exsisting customers a break ! Apple is greedy! There making mad money off of us ! So what if one up grades to a new phone, your still getting money if we up grade early or not. That phone could be passed down in the family . it still has to be activated either way...................

Even with background stuff that does drain.. I honestly need to get to a charger very soon after I hit 20%.. it goes down to about 10% within minutes and then shuts off soon thereafter with 10% still displaying. What would be nice is if Apple made an easy to get to page in Settings where it would tell you the worst offenders and you can disable/enable them there.

When the phone is on, and using it, battery life the same. I get a full day, but on Pandora, or streaming music, and the phone screen is off, battery life is much better.

Seems to me that battery life on my 5 depends on how hard it has to work for data. If I'm home on wifi I could practically go the whole weekend without needing to charge. Get to work where I have to use Sprint's crappy network and it'll probably use 50-60% of the charge or more before I leave, even without streaming music (if I even can). I find the battery life pretty good if I can get good signal and when I have to it charges up really fast.

I have had the original iPhone, the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, and, now, the iPhone 5. I have gone through every iPhone OS and iOS update. I have found that iOS 7 is certainly the most efficient version. With my iPhone 5 running iOS 6, Spotlight always ate up my battery, and it would take up to 15 seconds to negotiate a connection with a very nearby cell tower. Still, with the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 having been properly configured to optimize my experience while conserving battery (including a disabled Spotlight), I enjoyed about 10 hours of mixed usage and 2-3 days worth of standby. Now, with a properly configured iOS 7.0.3 on the same iPhone 5 (with Spotlight enabled even), the irritating cell connection delays are gone, and I enjoy about 13 hours of mixed usage and 3-4 days worth of standby. My third-gen iPad seems to go through a charge in 4-5 days with iOS 7 as it did with iOS 6, but I have enabled Spotlight again, so I consider the life of a full charge better on it, too. My takeaway is that a proper configuration of iOS 7 generally leads to less frequent full charges (I always try and wait to charge when I'm at ~5%). I'm not a long phone conversation type, but I do use both devices on wifi or cellular very frequently every day.

Mine def has gotten worse I feel like. I'm tired of everything getting thinner. Idc about thinner I'm fine w thicker if my battery last longer. Nxt iPhone needs to be a greatly improved battery or I'm prob out!!

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Mine is a little worse on the iPhone 5 too. I noticed more continuous cpu usage compared to iOS 6 and more onboard memory consumed by the OS and apps even when all apps are killed. I have tweaked the settings as well to maximize battery life. The difference is not substantial but it is definitely noticeable to me.

It seems if you do not have a newer iPhone like the 5 or 5s/5c the update kills your battery! I have a 4s and my phone is like an android phone - always dying!

It's horrible.

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My battery life is AWFUL! I upgraded to 7.0.3 ... fully charged ... nothing running in the background ... sleep mode. Went to bed. Next day the battery was down to 13%. Before, with 7.0.2, I could go all day using the iPad with several things running in the background and never get below 60%. Now, I can't go more than a few hours without having to recharge. Quite frankly, my iPad is pretty much useless in this condition.

My iPad was at 36% and plugged in when I upgraded to iOS 7.0.3. Now even though it has been plugged into the charger for over 24 hours the highest charge it has had is 50%.

My iPhone 5 batery life completely changed with IOS 7.03. Before it never ended for a full day(light). I tended to recharge it during the night while sleeping. Now, it goes way by 12:00 noon. Some days getting very hot; others not.

I already deleted my iCloud account and back again and today I reset my iPhone from scratch. Nothing. The batery goes away only by "looking" at it :-)

I reaaly don't know what to do.


I'm using iphone 4s and noticed a better battery in 7.0.3 than 7.0.2. In 7.0.2 my iphone would last for 20 hours with 4 hrs usage. In 7.0.3 my iphone would last 25 hrs with 6 hrs of usage like youtube, path and other social media. Off course I turn off all bluetooth, unnecessary spotlight, fetch email every 15 mins. And my iphone is already 2 years old so yeah the battery isnt that good anymore

Significantly worse. Before I could get
Through a 16 hour day of moderate use without having to recharge or to close open apps. Now I can't make
10 hours with light use.