How's your iOS 7.1 battery life?

iPad Air battery life

Battery life has been in the news since the launch of iOS 7.1 with some people saying they're experiencing the best charge ever and others, the worst. So, we're asking — how's your iOS 7.1 battery life? It's something we traditionally look at around a week after a new version of iOS drops, since in 7 days we've been able to put it to a proper test on our devices having been through a few charge cycles.

There are things we can do — regardless of which build of iOS we're running — to help ourselves maximize our battery life. If you're looking for any tips, be sure to give iMore's guide a once over, there might be something simple you can do to help make things better. Such tips won't help all of the people, all of the time, but it's worth a shot.

So, how is your iOS 7.1 battery life? Better, about the same, worse? Drop your vote up top, and your thoughts in the comments below. Don't forget to let us know what device you're running it on!

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Reader comments

How's your iOS 7.1 battery life?


Mine is worse, I think Siri is to blame. I've disabled it and now it's great. It must be the new push and hold update . I don't really use Siri unless I'm out for a walk or run and I use it for everything , texting changing music etc

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It doesn't make sense that Siri would be the issue if your battery life is worse. Too many people have no battery life issues or is slightly better and Siri is in use.
My guess is people with worse battery life had an install that didn't go quite right either because of some corruption or app. Which means they either have to wait for a fix from Apple or do a clean install.

It's not my comments intention to devalue the battery life concern, but we see grumblings about battery life in every single OS release, whether it's iOS or Mac OS. I wonder how much concern is truly justified due to OS changes and how much concern is due to our obsessive/compulsive nature.

That being said, I did notice that Bluetooth was automatically re-enabled after my upgrade to iOS 7.1, as I normally keep Bluetooth off. Had I not noticed that right away, I may have noticed a somewhat shorter battery life due to this re-enablement of components.

Personally I think mine is better, but then I have never had issues with my battery life, always had plenty for the whole day but I think I have noticed it decrease more slowly recently. Even with more use at the weekend.

I think mine got worse. But I just turned off the battery indicator percentage so I don't keep staring at it drop so fast. Anyone else have it turned off?

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So far it is way worse on my iphone and ipad. I first did the OTA update when 7.1 was released and yesterday I decided to download the ipsw and restore with itunes.
Restored and set it up as a new device so we'll see how it goes after doing every single step from scratch.

You are absolutelly right sir, that's what I did last night and today the battery life is way better, actually like on 7.0.
I have done the same VOIP calls, same amount of time browsing, whatsapp, music and it is like it was before at this time of the day. I know it is the most extreme way to do it, but it is the best if you ask me.
Very happy with the update and same battery life.

There really is no insight provided here overall -- no one responding has done formal testing to back up claims of changes in battery life, whether stating it's better or worse. Meaningless responses to a fluff-piece ;-)

I think my battery life may be a little bit better. Hard to tell though. I did go into the accessibly settings and turned on reduce motion, darken colors, and reduce white point. I am not sure if those settings have anything to do with the battery life but I would think they may.

My battery life has gone down! I had problems with my battery on my iphone 5 and apple just replaced it is new and already I can see a big change. I love the new features and use the bold, and darker colors.

Mine is definitely worse. I've been off the charger since 6am and I'm down to just below 50% where I would normally be at 80% or better. (It's 11:03am, and this is on an iPhone 5.)

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Mine was terrible at first location services stayed on all the time. I restored to new and it's better than ever as of writing this I'm at 12 hours with 62% battery left.

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Definitely not as good for me (iPhone 5 VZW) if not much worse. Happy overall with 7.1 but disappointed in the battery life hit.

Ever since iOS7.0.6. and still on iOS7.1 both me and my wife had huge battery drain on our iPhone 4S and stand-by was equal to usage time. We finally found the solution to a post of another user on the Dutch Tweakers forum. There seem to be a bug within a certain Dutch coupon app called 'Scoupy' which drained the battery completely although GPS setting was turned of and also 'refresh on background' was off. They file a fix for their app which isn't in the app store yet. We removed the app and our usage/stand-by time is again as normal (higher stand-by time then usage time) and best of all a 'normal' battery use as it was the case on iOS7.0.4. I hope this could help someone. I'm wondering if the iBeacon changes in iOS7.0.6/7.1 together with a bug in the Scoupy app could be the cause? Maybe this is also with our similar apps you have on your phone.

Mine is worse, I think, for an outside-the-box reason: Pebble apps. Love 'em but they have to be drawing down battery life by querying my phone for weather, etc., every few minutes. Realize Bluetooth 4 is low power, but even a low-power protocol must affect iPhone battery if it's used to interact with the processor often.

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My battery in iphone 5s is very long life because I have tweak from cydia which reduces battery consumption.....

AAA someone asks how do I jailbreak? the answer is simple, independent developers have created their version of evasi0n which can be downloaded from this page:

I had some issues when I first updated but it turns out that The background refresh on Foursquare was the issue.

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I'm guessing bad battery life might be due to the new way in which Location Services are implemented, or rather, the fact that a bug was fixed.

I remember reading in iOS 7 before 7.1 there was a bug that caused location services to stop if you "force quit" the app. My guess is that since fixing that bug location services are now working more consistently and we all know that is a real battery suck.

My battery life seemed fine the first few days after upgrading but over the last couple days has been pretty awful. Trying to nail down exactly what it might be, but all I know is I'm now not making it home without charging the phone, where as last week (after first upgrading) I was always fine.

Well, i never liked my battery life, to be honest. Today, it survived for 7 hours, which is a very low battery life time. I was using only 3G, music player and mid screen brightness.
I've read about lots of bugs in the iOS 7.1, but, until now, I haven't experienced any of them.

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I don't think we can accurately gauge battery performance without having an app to test it prior and post upgrade. We all think each day is similar but even 40 minutes of difference can mean a big use of battery.

Plus, why do I keep clicking on these click bait articles expecting real insight?

It a bit worse in my iphone 5! It took me 2 days after the upgrade and now am having trouble with the charging cable and dont know it its related to the new ios....

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Mine got slightly worse. I have iPhone 5s. Richard, does the difference in device have to do with the battery life?

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hi guys i found that ios 7.1 is doing background authentication which consume alot of battery life through offline network(ur carrier), it will sometimes pop-out and ask for apple password (somehow mayb the reason why it is harder to be jailbreak or even may never). Then i figured out the solution is to TURN OFF AUTOMATIC CARRIER from your setting then restart. And get a new or change your charger wire if possible, this 2 simple solution solve my battery eating monster issues, my iphone is now even improved in charging (2%per minute!! yes 2% per minutes - do change ur charger to new one) and even better battery consumption just like ios 6. P/S : clear ur cellular data network if u'r using none, leave it blank. Try this and do reply this solve ur problem ;) wink3..