How's your iPad Air battery life? [Poll]

It has been just over a week now since the iPad Air went on sale and we first got it in our hot little hands. A hot topic of discussion for any new device is battery life; an important subject area but also something we can't talk with any education about right away. So, now we've all had chance to use it, drain it, recharge it and use it again, just how is your iPad Air battery life?

It's something we spoke about on the most recent iMore Show, where Rene, Ally and myself reviewed Apple's latest tablet. With a mix of WiFi only and cellular iPad Airs on staff, we're all generally seeing excellent battery life. In the 10 days since picking up my own iPad Air, I've charged it three times, two of which it had only reduced down to 20%. I'm using it a lot more than I was using my iPad 4, but compared to that I'm extremely pleased with how long the battery lasts.

Of course, it sadly isn't the same for everyone. Different use cases, even faulty units can come in to play, and while there's a bunch of different tips and tricks we can follow to try and improve things, it remains a sad truth that for some folks battery life just isn't good.

So, drop a vote in the poll up top, and head on into the comments below and share your iPad Air battery life experiences!

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How's your iPad Air battery life? [Poll]


I've found on several occasions that a faulty restore, without knowing it's corrupted) can kill the iPhone battery life. Sometimes I'd find that some mp3 or voice memo files did not transfer over during the restore, as a sure sign things went wrong at some point during the restore. In those cases I'd be able to drain the battery in 5-8 hours no matter how much or how little I used it. Removing the corrupt files from the library and phone, & re-syncing or restoring would fix the issue.

Other times the apple Genius Bar would find multiple crashes had been occurring on diagnostics - usually it's normal to see 3-4 mysterious iOS system background apps crash when memory is low and they'll be seen in the log, but once I had 13 apps crashing including Safari, iTunes Store, mail, and others. These apps would be crashing and reloading in the background, and I was using 10% of my battery per hour with very little use.

A backup, wipe and restore has usually fixed the mysterious background crash issue, but sometimes you also need to find those corrupt mp3 or voice memo files that failed to copy over and delete them from iTunes library before you restore again.

Only once, with my new 4S a couple of years ago did I have to go nuclear and wipe the device to set it up as a new device. But I had issues with battery life when I got my iPhone 5, and when I got my iPhone 5s, and fixed them both by doing the above procedures. It was only with the 5s that I had the genius run diagnostics, and they confirmed the next day when I returned that the crashes were fixed.

I just checked settings > general > usage today! and I've been using the phone for 1hr 10min, with 7hr 38min standby since last charge, and I'm at 87%. Two weeks ago I would have been at about 40-50% by now.

I don't understand your post. If you are saying my post was "too long", it was directed specifically to "WowItsHuge" with the battery problem, to help fix things.

Sorry, in my last reply I didn't realize you were the poster I was trying to help. I still don't understand what you meant by "Novel?" Did my suggestions to fix battery life help?

It's hard to tell if there's an improvement, since I would use my iPad 3 (and now my iPad Air) for days without charging, and it would rarely ever get below 50% before I decided to charge it up.

Great. I went the entire day today with 100% in the morning, 85% when I went to bed. I wake up at around 7:00 each morning and go to bed around 9:30.

Well my iPad 3 has great battery life. I just swapped my 32gb for a 64gb but noticed my battery life on the air was on par with the iPad 3 if not slightly better. I'm sure the battery is still breaking itself in though. Too early to tell.

I bought ipad air 5 days ago... All i say is awesome...

Ill charge it for only 2hrs or 2 and half hrs... And ill use it for a 9 to 10 hrs...

Ill have also an ipad 4' all i say is ipad air a7processor is very good in power saving baterry...

In terms in over all perpormance ipad air is much better in ipad4'

As of now i dont have encountered problem in ios 7 using ipad air...

And in terms of gaming.. Ill love ipad air!!!! Ill play hd games and im so happy in his 64bit processor..

I'm wondering how long it takes to charge the iPad air from when it is completely dead to completely charged, is it quicker than the last iPad?

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I'm regularly getting over 11 hours on mine. That taking it down to about 5% power still in it. Very pleased with this.

I have gotten 12.5 hrs of use and 7 days standbye. I typically turn the WiFi off each night. I will still have 10 percent left and then recharge.