How's your Pebble 2.0 battery life?

Pebble's 2.0 update and Appstore is currently iOS exclusive – officially – but is it hurting battery life both on the watch and the phone? I updated the minute I saw it live in the App Store and while I'm in love with the added functionality my favorite smartwatch now has, it isn't without cost to how long things stay charged.

We've already started a discussion with Adam Zeis over on Smartwatch Fans, but I wanted to extend it a little further. Some folks running the Android beta of the Pebble 2.0 update are seeing horrible, horrible battery issues – among other things – but we're running an official, consumer release. And experiences are mixed. My own is pretty negative, sadly.

Pre-2.0 my watch would stay charged comfortably between 4 and 5 days. Every single charge. Now, if I get through 2 days I'm happy. I've got one non-standard watch face, and three apps installed, none of which are being used excessively. 80% of my Pebble usage so far has remained the same, and yet the battery life is 50% worse. And that's before considering a hit on my iPhone 5s. I've never really struggled to get through a day with the 5s, and the only new app since Pebble 2.0 launched, well, is Pebble. Now I'm looking for a charger before dinner, and again, my iPhone use hasn't changed at all.

It's not limited to my own experiences either. I've spoken with people who are seeing the same, and obviously anyone trying it out on Android is even worse off right now. So, if you're a Pebble owner running version 2.0, let's hear your experiences with battery life. Good, better, worse? Pebble Steel or OG Pebble? What kind of apps are you running and do you think there's something that can, and needs to be done? Here, or on Smartwatch Fans, let us know!

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How's your Pebble 2.0 battery life?


I've noticed this also just didn't put two and two together. I use a Mophie so didn't realize it as soon as most would.

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I had this problem before I deleted an app (PebbGPS) from my watch (it's still in the locker for the times I need it...). I wasn't even using the app, but just deleting brought my battery life back to what it was before I installed 2.0...

I turn my Pebble off every night. Haven't noticed a change in battery life since 2.0. Still get 6-7 days off a charge.

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My Pebble last around 4-5 days but my iPhone 5s will not make it threw the day like before. Same thing "looking for a charger before dinner!"

My kickstarter pebble has a bunch of the new apps and will barely make it through the day. My theory is that it is the battery life app that is draining it, or maybe four square. My new pebble steel only has one non standard watchface on it and went 6 days before shutting down. My iPhone 5s is about 10-20% lower than normal when I plug it in at the end of the day. My biggest gripe is now my iPhone will not play nice with all my other bluetooth devices since 2.0. For example I keep loosing my car connection. I now have to shut down my pebble before turning on my car which is kind of silly.

I've only had my Pebble for a about a week.... and love it, but... Similar to @RC46, the audio quality is terrible through my vehicle bluetooth kit. If someone calls me in the car, I need to disconnect the Pebble and call back. Yes, very much a First World Problem but still a little annoying! (Battery life 2-3 days - less than half what it supposed to be - but I've always had 2.0 so can't compare to previous software/firmware.)

I knew I wasn't (that) crazy. I thought I had charged my watch the day before yesterday and this morning it was dead. What ? A week has gone by since the day before yesterday ?... Something is definitely off with my Pebble. Telling the time right but the days wrong...
Anyway, I'll try putting the PebbGPS in the Locker and see how it goes.

My pebble watch used to be able to go through a whole week (~7 days) without hitting the low battery indicator. I typically recharge my watch on Sunday evenings.

Now, I need to recharge it roughly every 5-6 days, and the warning message definitely comes on. I am not sure why or how (I haven't really had to time to explore the new features yet, so I am still using it as is), but it definitely seems to be using battery faster.

I have noticed a huge decline in my iPhone 5s battery where I'm looking for a plug bu 6pm, when I used to go almost a whole 24 hours before I really needed to charge it, my pebbles battery leaves it quick too. I have the regular pebble using 2.0 update. I do have the watch face with the weather and time on it but I did have a similar watch face before the update and never had this problem

The Pebble iOS app has always had a noticeable impact on my iPhone 5's battery life but the new software/firmware has definitely caused a decrease in the watch battery life. I used to get about 5-6 days and now I'm getting 2-3 days.

I installed the Foursquare and Yelp apps but I don't use them often. I'm wondering if it's possibly the watchface (Modern) I'm using that has weather info on it. I keep the second hand turned off.

I haven't noticed any big change to my battery life of my Pebble or my 5s. I am using Smartwatch+ with the SmartStatus app on my original Pebble and have the weather portion setup to update when I request it since I don't need it constantly updating throughout the day. I'm currently on day 5 or 6 since I last charged it and still have around 30-40% battery life on my Pebble based on the SmartStatus app. I get a fair amount of notifications throughout the day as well so it isn't like it is going unused just sitting there.

I've been getting about 4-5 days now since updating. I was able to get 6-7. A little disappointing but it's better than every other day.

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Still getting 4-5 days since the update. And I didn't notice any difference on my iPhone 5s. The thing I did notice today was the battery usage by the app. But that's a different story, I know.

Pre-2.0 I was getting maybe 2 days, maybe 3 days if I was really lucky. Now that I'm on 2.0, I'm getting by 5 days no problem. My iPhone battery hasn't been affected either.

I'm waiting to see if the iwatch comes out. If not, I'll get a pebble got my gold 5a

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I still get 5-6 days. I run 'smart status' all day and 'Morpheuz' (a sleep monitoring app) overnight. So, 2.0 did not affect my Pebble. I love it!

I didn't notice any change in my battery life at first, and I haven't really installed any new apps to the Pebble since 2.0 launched. However, just this past week, I've seen my watch go from 4-5 days to 2 at best. I have one new watch face installed, which checks weather, Foursquare, Yelp, and PebbleBucks. I haven't noticed any change in my phone's battery really, so that's good at least.

Was getting 6 days from Pebble. Went 2.0 and installed FourSquare and Pebble GPS and now it's about 36 hours. Looking at the thread it would seem these two apps are for many the common denominater, so I've just uninstalled and am charging my Pebble again. Let's see.

Just received my first Pebble (the steel version) and watch battery life is limited to 20hrs... Next to that I see the connection with my iPhone 5 also dropping constantly and I have problems with my bluetooth carkit connection when the Pebble connection is active.
So not very happy at this point...

I noticed the same battery issues with my steel. I factory reset and disabled Bluetooth to rule out bad hardware. I'm going on 50 hours since a charge and I'm at 80% battery (the only app I have installed is a battery meter watch app).

I too used Foursquare and Yelp. I'll be slowly re-enabling functionality to determine what was killing my battery. I'll report back here.

Android here with OG Pebble. 2.0 has also cut my battery life from 4-5 days to around 2.5 days for the pebble. Android phone is still about the same.

I have just bought a Pebble from as I live in the UK. It has firmware v2.0.2 and the battery so far has lasted a week. It is constantly bluetoothed to my phone and I switch it off every night for 8hrs. I received emails and messages on it about 30 times a day which is using the vibrate also. I am very pleased with my watch as I haven't had to charge it once since I got it. After 6 days, it is still displaying 50% battery life. Go Pebble!!!