How's your Retina iPad mini battery life? [Poll]

The iPad mini with Retina Display has been available for a little while now, and so it's time to talk battery life. We've put it through its paces – thoroughly – and completed our full review, but battery life statistics are always much more detailed and accurate when they're crowd sourced. So, if you picked one up, how are you finding the battery life on your Retina iPad mini?

As with the iPad Air, we're seeing great battery life on the new Retina iPad mini. The WiFi only versions just keep on going, and the 4G LTE enabled one can still get you through a day and a night of tethering. Personally, I've not noticed it being any better, or worse, than the iPad Air. And that's no bad thing.

But we're not the only ones with a Retina iPad mini, and sadly not everyone gets the same great experience with battery life. There's things we can do to help the situation, but for one reason or another for some folks it just isn't that great. So, let us know what you're experiencing in the poll up top, and give us the details in the comments below.

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How's your Retina iPad mini battery life? [Poll]


Wow, the only 2 people in the world who own a Playbook and they're both here commenting in the same thread! What are the odds?!

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I haven't picked one up yet. I spent months waiting for it to come and then Apple hit us with the iPad Air. They're essentially the same device in different bodies so it's hard to pick,

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I ordered my iPad Mini Retina (64 GB WiFi - Space Grey) and it got delivered in 6 days~ The battery last about 11+ hours or little more... I have the screen brightness about 50 percent in daytime and 20 percent at night. I am a casual gamer and use some social networks and Netflix. I limit the notifications to few apps and turn off auto updates!

Don't have one yet. Planning to get one next year. From what I've gathered, the retina Mini offers almost the same battery life as the old iPad Mini, thanks to the larger battery that comes with it. The faster processor and the retina display would have decreased a good hour or two if Apple hadn't upgraded the battery. And knowing the retina Mini can stand its ground for 9-10 hours, I'm sold.

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iPad mini retina seems to use a little kite battery than my iPad mini. Unplugged at 9 am and I was usually at 50% by 9 or 10 pm, but today with my iPad mini retina, I was at 50% by 2 pm, however it's now midnight and I am at 12%. So, probably a decent battery life. In my experience, the more I use it the better the battery gets, almost as if it's just getting used to me and once it settles down the battery is awesome. My iPhone 5S did the same thing. I am at 77% battery after using it most of the day and talking for an hour with my daughter in Alaska.

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I had an iPad 2 previously and the battery life on the rMini seems to be a little better than that.

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I wish I could chime in on the battery life, but...

ordered the mini 2 weeks ago from Sprint and it still hasn't arrived...dang...

"Horrible. Worst thing ever" is a little disingenuous in this case so I don't understand the 10% that responded to this choice. I understand you need a low bar for the other end of the spectrum but even if the iPad mini had half the advertised battery life, it still wouldn't warrant that description. The fact is, with the first iPad Apple blew everyone away in terms of battery life and base model price. We always expect more from each new generation of devices but I don't know anyone that uses their iPad all day on a regular basis the same way we use our smartphones.

It's actually been pretty good. The only problem I'm having is the same old trying to decide if I want to keep the mini or bring it back and get the Air. Why does it have to be such a hard decision?

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@angermeans I had the exact same debate. I ultimately kept my rMini and love it. I find that I take it with me more often than the iPad 2 it replaced. I think it's easier to game on and the portability is pretty awesome. I'm not sure what you use your iPad for if it is your main computing device i.e. Note taking then go for the air. I have an MBA that I carry with me so it made the rMini decision easier.

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Apple should put "it's better than a Playbook" in the product description....or is it just implied like "it runs on electricity" is implied?

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Loving my iPad mini Retina, and as long as I keep the brightness down, it'll last quite a long time.

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