HP to discontinue webOS devices -- Pre, Veer, and TouchPad bite the dust

HP to discontinue webOS devices -- Pre, Veer, and TouchPad bite the dust

HP has just announced that they're killing off webOS devices, namely the Pre, Veer, and TouchPad -- or everything that competes with iPhone and iPad.

In addition, HP reported that it plans to announce that it will discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones. HP will continue to explore options to optimize the value of webOS software going forward.

Derek Kessler, editor of our sibling site PreCentral.net pulls no punches:

So what does this mean? The statement was carefully worded to state that they're "discontinuing operations for webOs devices," not webOS as an operating system. If anything, this should add fuel to the second option we discussed earlier today when the shocking word of an HP breakup first surfaced: HP is more interested in webOS than devices. They tried to give it a go with hardware, but quickly realized that they weren't going to be able to make it work without massive long-term investment and commitment. So less than a year after acquiring all of Palm for $1.2 billion, we're looking at a hazy future for webOS.

My wish: Google buying Motorola to prevent against manufacturers turning away from Android leads at least one manufacturer with more savvy and stomach than HP to turn away from Android and towards webOS. An HTC ThunderBolt II or Samsung Galaxy S III with Cards and Synergy would be very, very interesting.

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HP to discontinue webOS devices -- Pre, Veer, and TouchPad bite the dust


Sad...it's so much better than Android! They used the same failing form factor with the phones! How stupid was that?!!!

RIM is already dead in the water. There is no hope for them. Not as long as they keep having forign CEOs

foreign CEOs!?! you do realize that RIM is a Canadian firm and their co-CEOs are also Canadian? I'm not fan of RIM (was once, went to rehab) but still...

Just depends. HP isn't willing to commit to webOS. Not just in devices. Who would want to license webOS if HP isn't willing to invest in core services to leverage? There's no ecosystem. And if anything, today's news finished off any app movement (if there was any).

WebOS deserves to FAIL. They made the Palm pre to masquerade as an ipod and sync with itunes before they were blocked. They deserve to FAIL.

Sad to see it go. I had a Treo 650 & 680 before the iPhone. I loved Palm so much. When they went to HP i know it was a wrap! Hopefully someone like HTC or Samsung see this as an opportunity to move away from Google and Android since they bought Motorola. This is a game of chess not checkers. Google made a huge move that seems like its gonna burn all its partners. Now it's time for a handset manufacturer to step up and take control of its own destiny!
P.S. This would make for one hell of an article Renie)

they will still make android devices. Google will be stupid to make motorolla the only android maker.

Some people want the manufacturer to make the decisions for them so that they don't have to. Not everyone has time to think of a working UI concept, study it's usage in real-world, program it, debug, and iterate it as new software/hardware comes along. The point of buying a phone is that you are buying the design (technical and asthetic). Who with a real job and family can afford the time to do those things? You could argue that some hardcore enthusiasts would, just like how car enthusiasts will modify their car but what is the size of that market? And to be honest, I think it's a lot easier to slap silicon together (that was designed by another company btw) build some buggy framework, and say 'you do it' to the consumer, tricking them by using a current buzz-word (openess) for justification.

Re: "An HTC ThunderBolt II or Samsung Galaxy S III with Cards and Synergy would be very, very interesting."
Erm NO. If they did use Web Os it will have a whole new name to not confuse people with the orgnall models.
Leave it to the canadians....

How does a UI relate to the processer? I agree most of the hardware looks like crap as does stock android but HTC and hTc sense are about the best.

I agree with you Chris, Sense is about the best looking "skin" or whatever anybody wishes to call it for Android.
As for webos man, it is definitely sad.... and for CHRIS42060... dude, its just A PHONE, you really need to hold so much pride that you're an "android user"... you call IOS users trendy, YOU are following a trend too then... the trend of not following a trend, trying to "not fit in" is a form of trying fit it. So chill out man, get off your phone, and your computer... live a little ;) and if u do already... shit, live more... mind you, you came into an iPhone blog, to bitch about apple... and speak of god android. really?! XD jajajaja

somebody needs to buy webos who knows how to make a good product.
HP f####d it up big time!
Thank you HP!