HP open sources Enyo framework, makes webOS-style apps possible for iPhone, iPad

HP open sources Enyo framework, makes webOS-style apps possible for iPhone, iPad

HP has made good on releasing a roadmap for their webOS open source initiative and, as part of it, have fully open sourced the Enyo 2.0 application framework. But what does all this mean for the iMore crowd? In the short term it means you'll be seeing at least a few webOS apps made available in the App Store and in your browser. In the longer term it means you're likely to see a day where webOS is compiled to run on other hardware, though if that's possible with Apple's locked-down designs is another question entirely.

We'll tackle the apps thing first. At its core Enyo is based on web tech like everything webOS (whereas the iOS framework is based around Objective-C). Going open source means that developers who have written in Enyo can compile their apps to be loaded in a browser or on webapp-supporting operating systems like iOS and Android with little issue. In fact, it's already happening - multiple webOS Enyo apps are available through WebKit-based web browsers -- like Safari -- and at least one, an Instapaper client called Paper Mache, is available now in the Android Market. Of course, there's some tweaking that'll have to be done to make things nice and smooth, but apps like Paper Mache look and behave (minus the lag and jitter) exactly as they do on webOS.

The second major announcement was that HP is dumping their custom kernel and coopting the standard Linux kernel for use in Open webOS. This is the basic principle behind Android's kernel by making the switch webOS will gain support for a wide breadth of hardware. Where there's Cyanogen for the Android Open Source Project we certainly expect the same to happen with webOS. The question is… will anybody want to install it?

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HP open sources Enyo framework, makes webOS-style apps possible for iPhone, iPad


An updated version of webOS would be something interesting, but I don't know if it would be interesting enough to be able to viably compete against Android in the open source market. The lack of apps is a problem, as is the fact that webOS has been tried and found wanting twice before. I'm not a webOS hater -- I've used a Palm Pre Plus before and generally liked it quite a bit. But both Apple and Android have a big lead.

Oh, boy, I sure hope this works! I just left webOS in October when Sprint got the iPhone. Love the iPhone (even went "all in" and got an iMac!), but miss the webOS UI--the best in the business! "Cards" and swiping on the iPhone would be heaven! (Then maybe Apple could make themselves a Touchstone-like magnetic charger?!)

Check out multifl0w for jailbroken iPhones, gives you cards. There's other jailbreak tweaks to bring you other bits of the webOS UI.

Thanks, George, but still to scared to be jailbreakin'....but I suppose I should read up on it a bit. After all, I did do Homebrew with webOS and even made myself a Sprint FrankenPre! I'll have to check into the risks of jail breakin' when I get some extra time, but I do appreciate learning about the webOS bits!

weird considering that lack of apps and mediocre apps is one of many many reasons i stopped using my Pre, happily never to return. I'm over the moon with my iphone 4s.

yes2. you do not need ietnus3. MC should work fineIf something goes wrong you can always sync it with ietnus again just put your ipod into DFU mode and connect it to ietnus to restore it