HTML5 games run three times faster on Apple’s iOS than on Google's Android

Apple's iPhone has always led the industry in mobile HTML5 support and a new study suggests they're even further ahead of Google and their Android operating system when it comes to HTML5 gaming in particular. Using their benchmark system called PerfMarks, put iOS and Android through a number of tests, with one of those tests being how well the operating systems could animate image movement. The ability to animate image movement is important to HTML5 testing as it gives a visual representation to users as to how fast or slow a game is working and ultimately, is a clear indication of performance.

According to the information, the iPhone 4S scored 252 PerfMarks and the iPad 2 scores 327, which is up from 2009 when the iPhone 3GS scored only 53. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone, by comparison, scored 147 and the Kindle Fire scored only 25. The iPad 2 beat all Android devices, even those with better specs such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which came in with a score of 65.

“HTML5 is getting faster over time, as seen in the latest OS updates across Android and iOS. Although this is a welcome trend, there is still a long way to go,” said founder Ben Savage. “We hope the PerfMarks report will act as a bellwether for mobile browser and operating system creators who hope to better serve the HTML5 game development community.” hasn't as of yet published the PerfMarks documentation but it is noted they will do so at the second annual HTML5 Game Developer Conference on May 21 in San Francisco. Overall, iOS and Android have shown great improvements as a whole with a 100 percent increase in HTML5 compatibility for gaming but when broken down, iOS leads the way.

Source: VentureBeat

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HTML5 games run three times faster on Apple’s iOS than on Google's Android


Have you guys tested the BlackBerry Playbook?? I would be curious to know how it performs in the group.

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Great Scott!!! Flash games run a billion times faster on Google’s Android than on Apple's iOS... oh wait...

I'm not an iFan by any means but for you to come on this blog to spew that stuff makes you look butthurt son, let it go.

These test use ICS and Google Chrome Beta? Give it a couple of months once Chrome is well tested. Apple wont be able to compete as usual.

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