Hulu+ updated with new iPad features, $7.99 subscription

Hulu+ for iPad and iPhone

Hulu+ has been updated for the iPad and iPhone to includes new features and better yet -- a new, lower subscription price of $7.99.

  • New split-screen player on iPad
  • Enhanced queue and subscription management
  • Improved playback performance
  • New thumbnail behavior on iPad
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Hulu launched on iOS back in late June followed by an immediate follow up of the Hulu+ subscription service at $9.99.

We do not the update doesn't support Apple's new iOS 4.2 AirPlay feature (yet?)

Let us know how the update is working for you and what you think of the new pricing -- does it hit the sweet spot yet?


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Andrew Wray

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Reader comments

Hulu+ updated with new iPad features, $7.99 subscription


Can you subscribe month to month? Maybe pay for one month when traveling and watch a bunch on demand like and then cancel? I do that with HBO only cablebox over the summer when there is nothing on network tv.

I'm not even interested if it doesn't support Airplay to my Apple TV. If it does, I'll give it a try, but with forced ads I will not likely pay a subscription. I have DirecTV now, and although I pay a premium for it, I never have to watch ads.

I signed up for the free trial last night. So far I've watched programs on my tv through my ROKU and watched an episode of Family Guy on my iPad. I must say the quality is outstanding. However, I was shocked to see how many commercial interruptions there were. I'm not liking it at all because of that.

I think ads help keep the cost down. For that reason, I am willing to put up with them and have done so for months.
What I don't want to put up with is an unstable app, as it seems to be, this morning. Maybe the free trial is bogging their servers down, but I wouldn't expect that before 10am Eastern.

I am pleased with the new pricing structure and have been using hu,u plus for months. It's very convenient and I would consider (deep breath!) ditching my TiVo if more networks were covered!
I would prefer less ads - that's part of the reason for paying for the interface, just like I pay for TiVo for the convience and ability to pass up ads. BTW, advertisers - when your ad is good, or about something I'm interested in, I stop and watch it. Make better ads that are targeted at me and I'll want to watch them.

"We do not the update doesn’t support Apple’s new iOS 4.2 AirPlay feature (yet?)"
C'mon guys, how hard is it to proofread? You didn't write that much to begin with!

Make better ads? LOL
Look, you're PAYING for what is basically an "on demand" service. Maybe it helps keep prices low but then just offer a price tier with no ads. Either way, ads suck if you pay.
Besides, when that ad hits, you get annoyed right? That's an excellent time for a company to sell you something or to show off their brand. Now you associate being annoyed with their brand. That's brilliant strategy by the powers that be.

Without ads, how will we know about what kind of products are available that we need on a daily basis?
As for Apple TV compatibility, I agree that that is a must. I have my first-gen Apple TV hacked and when I get my 2nd Apple TV, it will be jailbroken on day one. I still see no need, as I would never use the 2nd one as a "rental unit" without jailbreak.

I'm so tired of the argument that people don't way to pay for content with ads. Hello? Anyone subscribe to cable TV? Or buy magazines? They are both filled with ads, yet people don't mind paying for them.
What annoys me with hulu+ is all the free content that is not available (SyFy shows, for example). Otherwise I might consider it. I would expect to at least be able to watch all of the stuff I can watch on

I will echo Tracy's point about being able to view everything available on I don't understand or appreciate this omission.

No, I'm still not interested in the service.

  • I would prefer a pricing tier plan. With ads and one without ads.
  • I still feel like this an "on the go" or a supplemental service and the price should reflect that. I'm sure most subscribers still have cable (basic or otherwise) and I know I for one am not going to pay an additional $8 on top of cable, internet, and cell service.
  • with all that said I think I would suggest $4.99 w/ ads and $7.99 w/out ads

Agree with the comments by Tracy and West above, as well. Commercials aren't the problem, there are advertisements everywhere for plenty of things people pay for. But I cannot bring myself to pay for Hulu Plus when the experience is so much different than the free Hulu. I am not about to start paying for hundreds of episodes from many seasons of shows that I did not even care about when they were ON the air, never mind they are long gone. I want current shows. Trying to recreate my Hulu queue in Hulu Plus is downright depressing, easily 75% of the shows aren't there. It's like they have it reversed, I'd currently be way more likely to pay for Hulu on my PS3 or mobile device, but not Hulu Plus as is.

PS - Although I do find it highly entertaining to look at the ratings in the App Store for Hulu Plus - for every 1,000 five star ratings, it gets 10,000 one star ratings! 2092 - 21,712 last I checked - brilliant! :-)

Doesn't Hulu force you to watch the ads? You can't skip them, right? With print media you can ignore the ads. You don't have to interrupt your reading to view an ad for 15 or 30 secs. With cable, etc. and a DVR you don't have to watch any ads at all.
Are you kidding or being sarcastic? No one really needs ads to communicate what products are available. Google and Amazon searches and word of mouth serve that purpose much better.