A look behind the scenes at the Let’s Talk iPhone event [humor]

The rumors have been spiralling out of control this week and if you are like me, you just want the event to start. Luckily the guys at Joy of Tech have decided to lighten the mood with a cartoon showing what they believe will go on behind the scenes at the Let’s Talk iPhone event. It’s all just a little but of fun and a break from the constant rumor and speculation....Enjoy!

Source: The Joy of Tech


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stldirty says:

that's effin hilarious lol

JohnPA2006 says:

This seems fairly accurate !

Stev3232 says:

Watch The Apple iPhone 5 Keynote LIVE !!! : http://j.mp/nAQe7z

headgamer says:

Just hope we don't need Neil Patrick Harris for this one...

Lee Sixta says:

~~ Is APPLE buying SPRINT ... Watch the Sprint agreements close, and Future ... [s]