I-MEGO Throne Headphones

The I-MEGO Throne Headphones look great, but how do they sound? Watch the video above and find out and then let me know what you think -- would you use them with your iPhone or iPad?


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asuperstarr says:

I think those are nice, just a little too shiny for me. I like simple and modern design headphones that are not screaming attention. Great review!

R1cki97 says:

Well it doesn't look bad but i think the design is kinda weird compared to other headphones with the same price, but i guess people have different taste

SockRolid says:

Shiny, beautiful, awesome.
And the headphones are pretty nice too. :-)

czhDavid says:

Why would anyone make headphones that looks like microphone?!

Jenna Jameson says:

There is only one word I can think of right now........MOTORBOAT.