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Iambic to develop iPhone Apps

We're going to start a regular series here at Phone different in the run up to the iPhone 2.0 Software update. Actually, we're going to run two of them. The first is the "iPhone App Wait-a-Thon", wherein you can win a $100 iTunes Gift Card by commenting on "Wait-a-Thon" tagged posts (here's the latest, a nice little ditty about how Windows-partisan Paul Thurrott has come out for the iPhone).

The second is the App Watch: where we check in on developers to see what sort of apps we can expect to see come late June. We already told you we're waiting with bated breath for DocsToGo. Now another developer has told the world they're getting on board.

One of the most popular developers of Palm and Windows Mobile software is iambic (yes - BlackBerry and Symbian too). They make the great über-calendar software Agendus for PalmOS and Windows Mobile, plus SplashID, Treo Butler, Warden, ...basically a whole swatch of useful apps and tweaks for popular smartphone platforms. Well, what about the iPhone?

Therefore -- to clear up any doubt -- yes, we started working on making titles available on the iPhone. As to which ones and when they'll be available, it's a bit early to tell, since we are investing a bit of time experimenting with this new platform trying to get a better understanding the best approach to take moving forward. - [iambic blog]

Iambic isn't letting on what titles they're planning on releasing for the iPhone, but given their track record they'll definitely be a company to keep an eye on. Agendus for the iPhone? Sign Us Up.

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Iambic Developing iPhone Software - App Watch


Please for God's sake please give us Agendus for iphone!!
iphone does not has a very useful calendar function (you can only see one day at a time) and is therefore not a useful device for my real estate business. BUT if you add Agendus....its absolutely hands down the best device out there. I dont know much about the complications of writing Agendus for iphone but for crying out loud you HAVE to consider it!!!

I just traded my in my Treo for an iPhone. I'm quickly learning that I can't live without my Agendus. How long do we have to wait. I'm barely holding on.

I can't believe there is not Agendus for the iphone! I too, traded my Treo for the iphone and really miss and NEED Agendus! Do we know how long we have to hold on???

I can't wait any longer. iPhone users will be going on a hunger strike until Agendus comes out with a version for iPhone.

Since Palm gave up developing their PDA's and since they only last about 1 year before becoming useless, I am desperate to get an iPhone or iPod Touch. But...I won't do that until Agendus is available for it.

Are there any plans to produce a Timeslips application for the IPhone? I currenlty use Iambic Timeslips on my Sony Clie' but have switched to the IPhone. It is hard to carry 2 PDA's.

Hi DShanks,
We recently released iSlips, a Timeslips iPhone app. It's available now in the app store.
-Brain Freeze Software