iBitz at #CESlive: The iPhone-connected activity monitor for kids of all ages

iBitz is an activity monitor that helps parents set goals and add rewards to encourage their children to keep moving and lead healthier lives. The adult version tracks steps, distances, calories burned, and more. Small, cute, and you can wear it anywhere — even on your shoes — and control it all with your iPhone or iPad!

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iBitz at #CESlive: The iPhone-connected activity monitor for kids of all ages


My oldest daughter is a little prissy & does things in her own sweet time while my youngest daughter is the hyperactive son I'll never have.
The collected data on their activity would probably be worth the price of these devices.
... I'd want my own too, just for contrast, of course!

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I really like the idea of making kids more active and rewarding them for doing so. Kids nowadays spend most of their free time on computers, TVs, phones or iPads so this can be a great way to get out more and be more active.