IBM Announces Lotus iNotes for the iPhone

The iPhone already supports standards-based POP and IMAP email accounts, and as of 2.0 supports the big-in-business Exchange format accessed via ActiveSync. But much as Microsoft would like to completely own everythat space, there are several competing corporate communication soluting out there, including RIM/Blackberry's North American powerhouse, Novell's Groupwise (which I'm still not convinced Chad didn't just make up...), and of course, good old Lotus Notes.

Well, if you're in the latter camp, then IBM has some great news for you:

Bring IBM® Lotus® Domino® email, calendar, and contacts to your Apple iPhone. Planned for delivery in 2008 as IBM Lotus iNotes™ software, Lotus Notes data will combine with the flexibility and connectivity of the Apple iPhone. To be built on the time tested IBM Lotus Domino Web Access infrastructure, users will be able to quickly access email, calendars, and contacts through the rich Apple iPhone user experience.

(For some interesting background on this, check out Apple Insider)

Hey, maybe this news, along with some more accurate analysis, will get Gartner to approve the iPhone for slightly less limited enterprise use! Granted, it's not the "first class experience" Windows Mobile offers, but it does provide significant -- and differentiating -- value in its own right (wide screen, multi-touch, media, easy to use, easy to develop for, etc.) which may just suit people in some types of businesses just a wee bit better.

But I digress. Anyone out there using Lotus Notes right now? Eager to try it on your iPhone? If so, how does the functionality look to you? Anything killer? Anything a deal breaker? Let us know!

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IBM Announces Lotus iNotes for the iPhone


I'm stuck with Lotus Notes now, no IMAP, POP or forwarding! Doesn't look like I can use the ultralite mode until they upgrade the server to 8.5. Ultralite mode and/or a dedicated app would be a welcome change from the full-screen web app I (try to) use now on the iphone.

Man this would have came in really handy when I was working at Hewitt. They used Lotus Notes for their email. I'll still check this out though.