Will iCloud keep the MobileMe web apps?

Will iCloud keep the MobileMe web apps?

There's some debate as to whether or not Apple will keep the MobileMe web apps, like Mail, Contacts, and Calendars around after the transition to iCloud. Some have heard no, that Apple will trash them and go 100% apps. Others have heard yes, that Apple will keep them around.

No one outside Apple seems to know for sure. For our part, TiPb has heard there will indeed be web apps in iCloud. At the very least, you'll need a way to access Find my iPhone, Find my iPad, and the forthcoming Find my Mac over the web. Apple has also poured significant resources into the SproutCore-powered Mail, Contacts, and Calendars app -- including a major update to Calendars recently -- and it's hard to imagine them flushing all that effort.

Whether Photo Stream will take over for Photo Galleries, whether Documents in the Cloud will replace the wishy-washy iWork.com, and whether or not the App Store and iTunes store get Web-to-Device push remains unknown.

Even if the native iOS and Mac apps are used far more often, having the web apps as backup is a pretty important feature. We expect Apple to clarify before iOS 5 launches and iCloud comes out of beta this fall.

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Will iCloud keep the MobileMe web apps?


They better be there. Sometimes I like to check things on another computer if mine isn't around. I also wish there was a way to check mobileme mail on another iphone or ipad without having to enter an account into the mail.app. It's for those times when you're phone dies, it's not around, etc.

Tangentially related, is there any inkling whether or not iCloud calendars can be shared with users on other device platforms? I am curious about some of its features, but, since I share calendars with droid and even BB users, if iCloud calendaring is iDevice-only, it is a non-starter.

It seems likely that the calendar would have CalDAV format support, much like Google Calendar currently does. If it did, it seems likely that the calendar could be imported to another calendar application - and potentially on another device like a BB or Android smartphone.

I'm an Android user and I don't believe that even, lol.
That's only a small part of what draws users to the respective platforms.

I just really care about the photo galleries. I like to do "photo blogs" when on vacation so my coworkers can vacation vicariously through my iphone updated photo gallery.

Did anyone miss what Jobs said at the keynote. He said they rewriten those apps from the ground up to be "iCloud apps"