"Iconic" showcases Apple designs in coffee table book

"Iconic" showcases Apple designs in coffee table book

Jonathan Zufi is the creator of Shrine of Apple, a web site dedicated to the design of Apple products through the years, with photos he's taken himself. Now he's collected more than 650 of them and presented them in a gorgeous coffee table book he calls Iconic. It's available now for $75 (a $300 special edition is also available for preorder).

Iconic is the culmination of four years of work. During that time, Zufi has collected and meticulously photographed almost every product Apple has made, including some of the packaging those products were shipped in.

You can see pictures of everything from an Apple I motherboard to the iPhone 5, with everything in between. Zufi's taken a page from Apple's own marketing efforts by photographing the products on a white background to make them stand out.

Across more than 300 pages you'll see a remarkable array of Apple products you may remember fondly, some you may remember not so fondly, and I'm willing to be a few that you've never laid eyes on before - Zufi's gotten his hands on some rarities, including prototype devices that never got to market.

It's not just photos, either. The book includes forewords penned by Jim Dalrymple and Steve Wozniak, and sports many quotes and comments about Apple design and the Apple user experience from everyone from Tim Cook and Steve Jobs to Jony Ive, many of the original designers of the equipment shown, and others.

Iconic is a big book - hardbound, 12 x 9.625 inches, printed on 105 lb. paper. That makes it a great coffee table book. It's available in "Classic Edition" for $75 and a "Special Edition" for $300 that comes with a slipcase and specially-designed custom-fit case that parrots the Apple II design of the late 70s. That one will set you back $300.

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Reader comments

"Iconic" showcases Apple designs in coffee table book


Of the mainstream companies only Apple could afford to have this kind of book and actually sell it. What other popular company has the products to fill it? Or the audience to sell it to?

Product-focused coffee table books are nothing new. Take a walk through Barnes & Noble on any given day and you'll find dozens of such books available. Cars, for example. Fashion. Designer labels. And so on. Apple fits well within that category, obviously.

I have the Appledesign: The Work of the Apple Industrial Design Group book from many moons ago and still cherish it. I've ordered this new book and hope I like it as much.