iControlPad for the iPhone Gamer Cometh

Thought that big honking box under the tree was a PSP? Psyche! It's an iControlPad, the gaming add-on Casey linked up back in August that makes your iPhone pretty much the same size! Says TUAW:

Engadget thinks they need some official Apple support, but all they'll really need is developer support in the App Store (they say they already have strong support from the jailbreak folks).

That may be so, but we wonder if apps that include hooks to accept controls from this thing would technically be considered to be trying to access the dock port, a no-no. So it 's got an uphill climb to face -- at least it won't doing it looking as naked as the above photo suggests. The final production models will be black.

Any hard-core iGamers out there eagerly anticipating this d-pad and button-strewn power up?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

iControlPad for the iPhone Gamer Cometh


I dont think I'd buy this because the action games I play have decent enough controls already. The Real Soccer virtual d-pad is decent enough and although it only has two virtual buttons there are other controls that are used by tapping or making a gesture on the screen. Brother in Arms (made by same company) has similar controls where you need to touch the screen to rotate the soldier. I would totally consider buying this though if it inspires developers to release a totally new genre of games that would make full use of it. But for now the developers have done a great job of making games that dont really need an external controller yet.

The only thing about it that worries me is the possibility of games evolving to require this thing. I like playing games on the go to pass the time. I don't want to have to carry around clip on controls just so I can play my games, because I never know when that'll be. I hope they can keep the controls optional.