iDoodle: What battery life problems?

iDoodle: What battery life problems?


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cardfan says:

It'd be surprising if one of these was ever actually funny

AchillesPDX says:

Are they meant to be? I can't quite figure it out. Is there a way to permanently exclude iDoodle from my reading thread?

Jerry says:

Geez guys, that's cold. It's called sarcasm (there was a post that an Apple Genius told an iPhone owner you're supposed to turn it off once in awhile if you don't want battery problems)....
Personally, I like the iDoodles

fastlane says:

It's like TiPb's version of Doonsbury. Zzzzz...

Michael Scott Allen says:

Or you know, you could just plug the phone in. They give you a charger for free and everything.
Nothing but FUD.

UnifiedTechs says:

I agree! Here is a chance for Apple to really innovate and get rid of batteries completely, you could just have phone permanently attached to a wall in one location, It's not like we really need a MOBILE phone.... Ohhh

Ruth Shaw says:

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fastlane says:

How 'bout taking your top off.

Jason Harrison says:

Tough crowd!
Yes, please send in your suggestions as I am still getting familiar with the iphone life and crowd. :)

fastlane says:

You want an idea? Here's an idea. You coach the gymnastics team in high school... and you're married... and your son's not interested in gymnastics... and you're pushing him into gymnastics...

Johna says:

Is that happening to you fastlane? You don't wantto be a part of the gymnastics team? If it's any consolation, at least you'll be really buff if you follow through with it and pyschiatric therapy has come a long way.

jfaneuf says:

I think these are great. Keep them comin!