If the iPad mini 2 doesn't go Retina, what other upgrades would you like to see? [Poll]

If the iPad mini 2 doesn't go Retina, what other upgrades would you like to see? [Poll]

Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that the next-generation iPad mini ships without a Retina display. Let's just say, for the sake of argument, the same factors that prevented the original version from having a Retina display - it would have made it thicker and heavier, or compromised battery life - haven't really changed. What else, then, would you like to see in the iPad mini 2?

The iPad 4 now has a 128GB storage option. Would you want that amount of space on the iPad mini? The iPhone 5 has not only a faster Apple A6 processor than the iPad mini's A5, but a much better 8mp iSight camera to the mini's 5mp shooter Would you like either of those moved over? The iPod touch comes in a far greater selection of colors than the monochromatic iPad mini. Would you like to see the mini spruced up with red, blue, and yellow? How about rumored, next generation technologies like new sensors or fingerprint readers? Do either of those appeal to you?

Non-geeks find no pressing need to update to new versions of iOS devices every year, so Apple probably isn't overly concerned with wooing current iPad mini owners with the iPad mini 2. They almost certainly know first time buyers and people switching from other, less enjoyable small sized tablets will be the bulk of their audience. Current iPad mini owners are probably more likely than not to skip a generation or two, and by then a Retina display could be ready and waiting for them.

But back to the question at hand. If Retina really is off the table for the iPad mini update this fall, what would you like to see offered up instead? What else, besides Retina, does the iPad mini need? (Please don't say USB port and SD card slot - wrong company for that...)

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If the iPad mini 2 doesn't go Retina, what other upgrades would you like to see? [Poll]


No Retina display. No purchase from me or from others that feel like me. Apple need to start making better decisions quickly.

Agreed, and it's not just about pixel density either. Retina, to me, also means an improved colour gamut. iPad mini displays only 62% of all colours. iPad with a retina display can show 99% of all colours. Nothing will compel me to purchase a new iPad mini except increased pixel density AND increased colour gamut.

Gave the mini to my wife and took back the 3rd gen she was using. We're both happier with our devices now. She can chuck it her purse.

I agree. If the next mini does not contain a retina display I will not be purchasing, regardless of what other options it has. I'll stick with my iPad2 until a retina mini is available.

I would really like if Apple adds a fingerprint reader (it would really improve the security on iDevices) and also I would love if they give it a processor boost.

How about publishing articles, tweets, or anything on social network criticizing the lack of Retina Display in new iPad mini every few days until iPad mini 3?

no no, Whiny babies.. I honestly can't see a difference between retina and non.. but then again, I don't have 20/20 vision.. large number of people don't. Look around you, if they don't have glasses, they likely have contacts.

What sells it is the 'perception'.. Good example. iPhone 4 comes out. A group went around showing off a 3GS as a new iPhone 4, everyone commented on how much better the screen was.. </shakes head> yea..

For every 5 that say they can see the difference.. I'd expect 2 out of those 5 can really see it. And thats if the REALLY look. pfff.

It's not just Apple fans.. it's any wanna be tech, they simply can't be caught saying they don't see difference. would be 'uncool'...

I don't wear any sort of glasses.....

I have been using most generations of iPhones and iPads,
and I do realize noticeable differences between Retina and non-Retina display.

if what you said is reasonable, why does Apple keep pushing Retina Display to all its products?

Given that the whole concept of the Retina name is based on what average people can see, I have to call BS on assertion that only 40% can see the difference. I suspect it's much higher, to varying degrees. Remember Retina is based on average people being able to distinguish the pixels, not distinguishing Retina from non-Retina.

Either you aren't really looking, or you have worse vision (relative to others) than you think.

Edge to edge display, no home button but a flat surface that recognizes touch. Faster processor, camera, and flash.

Not to pick just on you but all those that say "no retina, no deal" are just being ridiculous. I don't wish to brag but I have excellent vision, quite far above average, (I've been tested) and having switched from the Retina iPad 3 to the mini I can say with reasonably authority that the difference is minimal and you get used to it in a few minutes. I think you are all just buying into the hype (and being a little babyish too).

I've good eyesight and disagree. The hype of the Retina display is justified. That said, Apple doesn't need to add it this time. They'll get away without it for one more year. They will need to add it in 2014 though. And adding it this year would be a pleasant surprise.

Well I was perhaps a bit strident in my reply. I agree that all things considered, retina is something everyone would want, my disagreement is with whether it's the essential, overriding thing that people make it out to be. The long list of Parrots on this and every other forum where the issue comes up saying (essentially), "give me retina, or give me death" is ridiculous and annoying. As someone who really uses the mini as their main device I think it's obvious that there are other potential improvements that matter a great deal more. I also think that many of the folks clamouring for retina are in the same group that will swear Coke is better than Pepsi (or the reverse), all while being unable to tell the difference in a blind test.


*parrots (common name)

Obviously, RAM will be upgraded, as per your only requested upgrade (smart cover doesn't count as it is an accessory). That upgrade alone will not be enough to sway those who currently own an iPad mini to purchase a new one.

What we`re saying is this: "We don`t want an iPad mini 1S. Give us something worth the price of an upgrade".

You want incremental upgrades (MOAR RAM!!), we`re tired of that game. A new iPad mini with the same screen will not sell. Most competitors offer screens with higher resolution and increased colour gamut. iPad mini needs a better screen, retina or otherwise. No amount of name calling or belittlement will change that.

Have fun with your screen resolution from the year 1990 (the year IBM introduced XGA)!

Hey wiseass..........."competitors offer screens with higher resolution and increased colour gamut" <---when it actually translates to sales for those companies in the tablet market we can talk bc so far it isn't happening b

OK. Load the same picture on the two devices. Notice the colour difference. The mini`s looks washed out, lifeless. I jailbroke my mini just so I could access colour and tint settings. I was never satisfied. Swapped iPad`s with my wife.

Maybe your eyes are broken :P

So it is ridiculous people won't spend their money on something if it doesn't have a feature they want? Ok well since you don't care about wasting money how about you buy every one of them an iPad then? Sorry but your comment is ridiculous and yes no retina no buy for me. You can call me ridiculous but not going to waste my money for one of the main features I want. I would wait until they add retina, I'm not like some of you who buy every model no matter how minor the upgrades are.

Heck, I'd settle for 1GB. That's the only area where I notice a difference between my iPad 3 and the mini. I feel like anytime I switch between two apps, I have to wait for it to reload the app since it's been kicked out of memory.

A Retina Display is really the only thing I want on a new mini.
I see the technological restraints.
However, there is nothing they could do (maybe except for haptic feedback, but that is probably not gonna happen this year) or add that would make me buy the mini 2.
I don't really care about a better cam on a tablet. Nor a faster CPU (which is gonna happen anyway)
More storage is nice to have, however I personally don't need it.
My iPad is first and foremost a consumption device and the 16 GB basic version is just fine for me.
Even if they made it a little lighter or make the battery last longer...
Lesser weight is always a good thing, but it's acceptable the way it is.
Longer battery life is always nice, but 10 hours is just fine for me.
So: no retina, no buy.

Honestly the only upgrade I care about for the Mini *is* retina. I get that it might not happen this year, but it'll be really hard to get excited about anything else if that's still missing.

I use the mini day in and day out and I use it for content creation, (I'm a writer) not just cruising the web or looking at Facebook. I carry it with me everywhere, all the time, and it has the scars, dents and scratches to prove it. I have noticed two major flaws that I'd like to see corrected.

1) It has ridiculously low system memory. When switching between any two apps that are actually doing something, there is a huge pause while it swaps the first out of memory and loads the second. For instance if you are writing a large document, switch away to something else and switch back, it literally takes somewhere between 8 and 10 seconds (eons in computer time!) for the document to reload.

I've heard it only has 512MB, it needs at least a Gig (or two!) of system memory. Occasionally, I've had it forget the document and where I was in it altogether, and after the 10 seconds are up I'm faced with page one again and have to scroll and scroll and scroll to even find where I was. This is not sufficient for a machine that I am supposed to be able to write with.

2) The Apple smart cover is a joke. It has fewer parts, it works only half as well, it's harder to attach and reattach, it's made out of very low quality junky materials, but it *costs* almost as much as one of the nice metal and leather ones for the original full-sized iPad.

It's also impossible to keep clean or tidy looking. Mine looks like it's been stored for a month down someone's pants yet I have cleaned it and cleaned it. Many common cleaning materials leave blue and green stains on whatever it is made out of. I think it's some kind of devil-based rubber. It should also last at least a year, like the product it covers, not three or four months as it actually does.

Any improvements are welcome but let's be honest the retina display is the only thing that's really missing, so I won't upgrade mine if it doesn't have that. I just want retina & iOS 7.

I'd just like to be able to use an iPad or mini outside! For a mobile device, ie. can be used outside of a building, the screen is useless!

Yes, this should be an area of great interest for companies like Apple. Yes, they don't personally make the screens, but a solution like colored eink with a responses time of LCD is the dream over the hill.

I have used the ipad 2, the new ipad with retina display and the ipad mini and I realized that have been spending a lot of money for the same product and nothing new was added, not a big difference between a retina and a non retina , not a big difference between the speed, I believe the any new ipad should have something new, heaved playing with the Samsung galaxy note 8.0 tab and there's so many new features like open two apps at the same time

If it doesn't go retina then that means there is no chance I am getting an iPad and I will be getting the new Nexus 7 instead.

I feel like a lot of our fellow nerds feel this way. I know I did - I bought the original Nexus 7 when the iPad mini was announced with such low ppi. Let me tell you from first-hand experience: Nexus 7 is not a good tablet, because Android is not a good tablet operating system. I was fortunate enough to be able to return mine for a full refund, since it took less than a month to realize how incredibly inferior it was to the iPad.

And I'm glad I did, as the internet's general consensus seems to be that the Nexus 7 only gets worse with age.

I'm currently waiting for a Retina mini. If Apple doesn't release one this year, I'm simply going to sit on my money until they do. I won't be making the Nexus mistake again.

Without retina I would just buy a cheaper first gen iPad mini IF I even considered it. These little minor upgrades that apple gives isn't going to attract all the people an iPhone does. I could see people going with the cheaper iPad mini over this if there is no retina display.

Retina and speed. I currently use an iPad 2. I'd consider a mini if it had Retina and was faster than my iPad 2.

Remember that a lot of developers hated the A5X chip. If Apple put out a Retina mini this year, that's probably what it would be running.

I'm anticipating an A6 non-Retina mini this year, and an A6X Retina mini next year. That's a very tentative prediction, though - before WWDC I was ready to completely dismiss any chances of a Retina mini, but iOS 7's heavy optimizations for Retina screens give me pause.

A6 chip is a 100% certain thing so without a hi res display they don't have anything else to add that's really an (important) improvement.
Let's see how this unexciting but possible scenario looks like: the same iPad, longer battery life (12-14h) and faster A6 chip, in that case I expect a price drop to $299 because that's the only thing Apple could do to sell the Mini 2 (it's also time to finally dump the absurd 16GB model).

Retina or gtfo. My wife's iPad mini is awful to look at compared to my 3rd gen iPad. Retina display was the sole reason I upgraded my first gen iPad to a 3rd gen. When they bring retina to the mini I'll get one myself.

i have the ipad 4 very lovely waiting for the retina ipad mini 2 and its not decided yet thats low without retina its same wed the old one then i go to samsung galaxy 8 then

I have a ipad 3 retina right now and love the size and weight of the mini. The only reason why i havent bought the mini is the screen resolution. Once you have Experienced the retina display you can't go back.

Retina for the iPad Mini should be by this point, a given. The first iPad Mini was a hit but many hesitated (including me) on purchasing it because it lacked this one feature. For many the size is perfect and love the idea of having a compact size iPad that you can easily carry around, and so waiting for a model with a retina display was worth it. It still is.

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I want the ipad mini 2 to have the same upgrade as the iPhone 53. Why not. Retina display, Cameras, Processors, increased memory to 128G. Why not?
They better make some big bumps in upgrades or Nexus 7 will leave the mini is the dust.