If you're looking for that gold iPhone 5s, Raffi has you covered

You want a gold iPhone 5s but just can't get one, don't sweat. Raffi Jaharian, the VP of gold, is back to let you know how to get your hands on one. All at the low, low price of just double the regular retail price.

Because of course, gold is best. Best. Best. Best. Enjoy!

Source: TeamCoco

Richard Devine

Senior Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy

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DeerSteak says:

I was expecting Raffi Cavoukian for some reason. Bananaphone!

rbreban says:

It's not Russian accent, it's Cuban. Gold, Miami

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DeerSteak says:

Yeah, I know, I was only going by the headline when I made that bizarre assumption.

Narrator Jack says:

A better actor not doing a Russian accent could have made this something more.

Richard Devine says:

It's a spoof...If it were better quality it wouldn't be so spoofy ;-)

Narrator Jack says:

Then Raffi is spoofing ___________________.

AMosha says:

Haha. I love it! It would of been amazing if the link went to something :P