UPDATED: What happened to iFixDirect and their white iPhone 4 conversion service?

Last month, I had my iPhone 4 converted to white with iFixDirect, and today reader Mark wrote in to let us know the site no longer seemed to be taking orders. So what happened? They're going through a change of management.

As the new owners of iFixDirect, we are very excited to see what the future holds for this company. We have heard all your complaints, in-fact we are the ones who have been trying to resolve all the issues you may have had in the past. Recovery is a slow process but we are working day and night to help you restore your faith in this business and provide you with the quality service that you have been seeking all along.

I've been in correspondence with my contact from iFixDirect, but don't have much details on the change of management other than that one of the original owners of iFixDirect is now the sole owner and running the business on his own. Their website has been updated to reflect the changes and also teases of two new color swaps - red and blue.

We are hoping to receive more details on when the services will become available and will update you when we know more. So if you were waiting on the service, sit tight. In the meantime, anyone excited for a red or blue conversion?

UPDATE: Looks like white conversions will be starting up again very soon, with red and blue to follow on shortly thereafter. Prices should be broadly similar and if you're wondering -- yes, the TiPb 10% promo code will still work (see the link at the top of the post). A couple more pics after the break, and more details to follow!

UPDATE 2: If you are a customer that has not been able to contact iFixDirect, their new email address is support@ifixdirect.com and phone number is 1-800-441-8817. Any email received from ifixdirect@gmail.com is not them and should be disregarded.

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Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

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Reader comments

UPDATED: What happened to iFixDirect and their white iPhone 4 conversion service?


I thought the conversion was really quite easy... I should really start charging people to do this. Meh, I'm too lazy to create a website. Lol

I had my fiances iphone converted through them and now they do not answer me back and it is ridiculous. The wifi, gps, and volume switch is broke. It also cracked when it was put into a case. I don't know how that happened. All I know is I am out $260 and they won't help me.

I tried that. I even tweeted her and tried getting her attention during iPhone live.
NOTHING! all i know is I am out the money and I have been fighting to get it back so I can have my phone replaced. I have heard people sent their phone in 3 weeks ago and still didn't get it back. This company is a joke. Even the "new" management can't even respond to me. I am fed up!!!
No one should use their service ever again!

Wow. I'm super sorry. I don't know how I missed your email. I'll have to check my spam later. The company's email has changed because of a messy situation. If you are contacted by ifixdirect@gmail.com, it is no longer them, so ignore it. If this is who you have been emailing, that is likely the problem. Here is their new info
phone: 1-800-441-8817
email: support@ifixdirect.com

Thanks. I tried that email and I still haven't gotten any contact. I try calling everyday. It is so frustrating. I now have a pending case with my bank to see if they can get my money back. All I keep getting is automated emails saying they will give me 50% off my next service. I don't want that. The parts they put on my phone are terrible. They are now cracked, and almost all of the internal pieces do not work. I just want the money back so I can replace my phone. If you could please contact them I would really appreciate it.

We have contacted you once again. Your refund has been provided awhile back and i have contacted Leanna in regards to this matter as well. Please contact us for further investigation into this matter.

did you pay for your conversion Leanna? or did iFixDirect give you a freebie in exchange of your review article? can you clarify that?
with so many posts over the holiday period, indicated that it was "sponsored", I thought it may be good to clear things up for some of the readers on the site. thank you.

if she got it for free, don't you think her initial review could be kind of "biased" then? cause she was raving about it back then I think, and those who would've plunked down a few hundred could have potential repair issue as stated above. Just thought I'd bring that out. maybe you don't care about unbiased journalism integrity, but maybe someone else does.

Yes, they did the conversion free of charge. However, this did not affect my review of the service. I would have provided the exact same review had I paid for it.

Your company has been brought to my attention, but I can't figure out what, if anything Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net does, so rather than risk competing with you, I simply decided to buy you out.

Maybe ifixit had a baby and now they can't fix anything because they won't STF up about the baby

hhaah i lol'd at this one , congrats and all but for months straight its getting old i agree.

My question to this is how close are these conversion kits to the original housing? How is the glass? Is it made out of the same glass the original is made from? 260 seems kind of expensive if it's not up to apple par. I mean that's almost the cost of one on an upgrade.

Can't say on the glass or the other colors. But I did ask Leanna if it was a retina screen on her white one and she said yes.

The parts suck! They are definitely not apple parts. I dropped my phone on carpet with a case on and when I took it off the back came with it. Also, I was putting it back in my other case which I thought might protect it better and around the ear piece started to crack.

"Change of management"? Maybe Apple is buying them for their intellectual property. As in 'the secret white paint technology'...

I finally got a hold of someone there by calling everyday and actually got a hold of the new owner who was very understanding with my frustrations as this had gone on for 3 weeks with nothing. He apologized profusely and issued me a refund, and I had the conversion done by another company.

We do apologize for your frustration once again, those unsatisfied customers were caused by the lack of business ethics carried on behalf of the previous owners. We have personally answered each one of their claims and refunded their money. All the phones have been returned safe and sound.

BS! You guys have had my phone since DECEMBER 9 and its been TWO months and I still havent gotten my phone back. This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. For the past month I've been getting told that my phone replacement (since "the previous owners lost my original phone" )is being sent out. For the past two weeks I have been promised that a replacement is being shipped. Gues what? Its still hasnt arrived. You know very well who I am as I have left messages (No one evr answers the phone) and have tried the past two days to chat online with someone but of course you see my name and just dont answer. STAY AWAY FROM IFIXDIRECT! THEY WILL STEAL YOUR PHONE!

The blue looks cool but It's way to reflective so that's really annoying and the red isn't bad but the blue is nudged nicer had it been less reflective

I bought them almost 2 months ago a red iPhone 4 conversion kit I paid 75 dollars to get it in 1 to 5 business days plus 225 dollars and they send it as a gift and with a 45 dollar worth and I did not ask them to do that now the police in Mexico has the kit because they think it is piracy ifix ( agent David ) has promess me to get my money back a hundred times and they have not, now they do not even answer my email's. Do not buy from them they rob your money. They do not take responsibility from their mistakes. And now I have lost almost 300 dollars.

I got my iPhone swapped to a new midframe this week and since I live locally I stopped by and watch them do it. They are professionals and get it done right

Ya . What if I dont get it back. And btw how do you get it colored. Do you just paint it or what