iFixit tears down the first Mac, finds some bitchin' stuff inside

The Mac web is full of celebrations over the Mac's 30th anniversary today, and popular do-it-yourself site iFixit is observing, too. They've collaborated with Cult of Mac and The Vintage Mac Museum to do a teardown on an original 128K Mac.

They're going full 1984 retro with this teardown, including a video sporting vintage-looking graphics (complete with VHS tracking effect) and iFixit's own Gwendolyn rockin' the side pony and jeans jacket.

I have to say that this video gave me flashbacks to the time I had to take apart my own Mac Plus to replace the flyback transformer. How about you? Ever have to tear apart a vintage Mac?

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Peter Cohen

Mac Managing Editor of iMore and weekend Apple Product Professional at a local independent Apple reseller. Follow him on Twitter @flargh

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Reader comments

iFixit tears down the first Mac, finds some bitchin' stuff inside


It's amazing how much the world has changed since 1984. Not only the original Mac compared to the brand new Mac Pro, but things like the web, like iFixit, and so much more. This is almost like Captain America — something out of time.

I still have my first Mac Classic from 1990-1991. It boots and works like a champ.

I have to laugh how Apple sold a "Classic" only 6 years after the original launch.

Analog I have you beat. The Mac came out during my Sr. year in HS.

I love the way they even did the 80's kinda theme with the language and how Gwen dressed.

I wasn't a Mac person until 2007. When the Mac came out I used an Apple IIe. That got me through college.

Wow, someone older than I. It's not every day I come across that. (-_^) My senior year of HS wasn't til '91.

I wasn't a Mac person til 2008, when I bought a used 2006 Mac mini after my big, noisy Fujitsu Windows XP tower finally died. One of my coworkers was selling it so I bought it off him for $300. That Mac mini never gave me any problems the whole time I had it. Then in 2009 I upgraded to a fully-loaded refurb'd 2008 24" iMac, which I still have. No problems with it either. I never looked back and I'll be using Macs for life.