IFTTT 2.0 for iOS brings native iPad support, new channels, and more!

IFTTT 2.0 for iOS brings native iPad support, new channels, and more!

IFTTT, the powerful productivity app that lets you create connections between different internet apps services, has been updated today to version 2.0, bringing a lot of important new features, starting with native iPad support. The update also includes new iOS-only channels, bug fixes, and more.

Version 2.0 of IFTTT feels completely at home on the iPad. The interface works effectively on the larger screen, and you can manage your recipes and see your trigger history easily. You can also flip the switch in the top right corner to easily access the Collections section.

There are two new important channels in IFTTT for iOS. First is Photos. With the Photos channel, you can do things like pictures you take in a certain geographic area to friends via email, or send all photos added to a particular album to, for instance, Evernote. You can even create recipes based on which camera you're using. The second channel is iOS Notifications. You can trigger game updates from ESPN, get tomorrows weather report at a given time, or set an extra Google Calendar alert, all delivered to your phone through push notifications.

This update also features new recipe collections, as well as several bug fixes. You can download the IFTTT update from the App Store now.

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IFTTT 2.0 for iOS brings native iPad support, new channels, and more!


Great update but I still pretty much suck with creating "recipes". I rely on other users and then I'm like "oh yeah, I could use that!" Haha

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Never used this app, but it looks intriguing: can someone tell me if any personal data sits on their servers? Thanks!