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Apple last updated iLife during the Phil Schiller-led Macworld 2009 keynote but since then, even as iOS, WebKit, and HTML5 have been on the rise, there's been no sign of another update. Enter Mac4ever, which is rumoring:

  • iLife '11 will be sold for $79
  • Release Date of 08/07/2010
  • All applications will be 64-bit
  • Improvements in iPhoto faces & places
  • Improving the integration of social networks
  • IWeb will be totally renewed
  • New application (mystery!)
  • Disappearance of iDVD
  • MobileMe gallery in beta (with faces & places)

If any of this pans out, the social media integration will be cool but it's that mystery app that has us interested. There have long been rumors that Apple would replace iDVD with a WebKit/TuneKit development tool to let users more easily make iTunes LP and iTunes Extras. While those two formats haven't exactly set the digital world on fire, HTML5 is ramping up significantly thanks in some part to iOS devices like iPhone and now iPad.

Adobe is slowly hedging their Flash bet with some HTML5 tools in DreamWeaver, but an uber-easy iLife app to let us create everything from the above-mentioned audio-video experiences to eBooks and digital magazines? Adobe's been doing that with Wired and inDesign, but something that didn't produced huge, static PNG piles but real next generation dynamic content for these next generation devices?

Yes please.

[Mac4ever via via MacRumors]

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Reader comments

iLife '11 rumors


I like iDVD I use it for small productions.
Now 64bit. One of my macs is only Core Duo so on 32 bit. I would not be happy if its really only 64 bit.

Yeah I wouldn't want iDVD to disappear neither but I don't think apple would completely get rid of it without having a replacement that would do everything iDVD does and then some. So it might be a good thing. (might being the operative word here)

What about iBook developer programme for budding writers of short stories/magazines and the like, all interactive and designed to be experienced by the iPod, iPhone and iPad.
Other than that, iDont know

Maybe I'm an optimist, but perhaps they'll put iDVD functionality into iMovie. I can't see them totally getting rid of a DVD application.