iMore Asks: What do you want to see at CES 2012?

iMore Asks: What do you want to see at CES 2012?

CES 2012 is almost upon us and while Apple wouldn't be caught dead at the show, there will certainly be plenty of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad accessories crowding the halls, perhaps some new apps for the new year, and who knows -- maybe yet another dummy iPad leak?

We'll have Rene, Leanna, Ally, Jared, and the whole Mobile Nations crew live at the event to bring you the very latest and greatest CES 2012 has to offer.

So my question, iMore Nation, is this -- what do you want to see? What hot new cases do you want? What amazing new accessories? What killer new apps? Last year we had iPhone blood pressure readers, remote controlled drones, car starters, robot balls, and tons of other super sweet tech -- what can they do to top themselves this year?


Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, hosts the ZEN & TECH podcast, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Prime.

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There are 30 comments. Add yours.

jlb21 says:

Nothing special. Just hope to hear some redo news and not BS promises of things that never come.

jlb21 says:

That was supposed to say "real news"

Rene Ritchie says:

While I hope we see something fun like that iPad mock up from last year, I'd like to see more and better iPhone controlled accessories. Bluetooth 4.0, I'm looking at you!

Mike says:

Id like to see a new name for this site. That'd be a winner

Kaye says:

I vote for a new name for this site too... Seriously how on earth did the name get past the initial brainstorming session.

Guest says:

iMore is awful (the name, not the site)

Kevin says:

Agreed. Love the site, hate the new name.

Soonerj says:

I have to agree. The name has to go!

Hateboy says:

The iOS app for Vizio tv's that was announced two(!) years ago.

FendrGuitPlayr says:

Smart TV - we already have the cloud technology, so why
not expand it.

Ian says:

Ogmented realty glasses

Jake says:

New site name would be great :)

Kristy_Lyn says:

A robot that can intelligently clean my house!!
Small and large home appliances that can be controlled by my iPhone :)

Oliverf says:

A new site name. iNOmore

jgr627 says:

Hey Rene the name is cool I don't know y so babies keep crying about hoping to see that new ar.drone being featured here

cardfan says:

Pre 4 & Touchpad 2. Fall release. Oh well, one can dream. It was entertaining while it lasted.

Vince says:

That would be awsome! :D

FlopTech says:

We'd like to see many "smart" TV sets. Especially if they're running Android. That way, the Apple television set will look even better in comparison. Let all the wannabes make their glaring mistakes in public first.

Jerry Cooper Jr says:

I want to see the iRing really happen like the one here

Jimbo Slice says:

I want to see the LifeProof case for the iPad 2, the one for the iPhone 4S is amazing and I want to be able to take my iPad in the pool

iphonemagic says:

Remote control pool settings. I want to be able to turn the heater on in my pool from work.

kingweb says:

I am at the CES every year, and I wonder why Apple thinks that they are too good to be there?

Watcher says:

I want to see some "robotic, futuristic George Jetson crazy joint... Just like Uniblab...!"