iMore asks: Are you using Google Currents?

iMore asks: Are you using Google Currents?

Are you using Google's digital magazine-style news aggregator, Google Currents on your iPad or iPhone? Google Currents is going on 2 months old and while it got to the market with Flipboard well ahead of it, it does have Google's brand and power behind it. It's also got a brand new iMore editions for your reading pleasure. Along with the launch-day Android Central edition, we've also added a Mobile Nations super edition, so you can keep up with all your platforms, all in one place, all for free.

If you haven't used Google Currents yet but want to check it out, it's as simple as downloading it from the App Store, logging in with your Google ID, and hitting the subscribe links below. If you've already used it, let us know if you're still using it, or if it's dropped off your radar.

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iMore asks: Are you using Google Currents?


i love it's interface! although i always forget to keep up with reading it and i end up skipping most articles. much like reeder.

While you can add your Google Reader account to it, it's pointless. It doesn't fully interface with Reader, as if you read one of your articles in Currents, it's not marked as 'read' in Reader -- makes no sense to use it as such.
Same think with Flipboard, you can add your reader account but it doesn't mark articles as read. I like Flipboard's interface better, and, Google has enough of my business ;-)

This, flipboard is far superior in my testing, but both fail with the syncing - like you said. Feedly still for me - due to its speed - and flipboard for magazine type browsing.

Agreed. I like the overall look and feel of Flipboard far more than currents. After using Flipboard this long, I really have no reason to switch.

I slightly prefer Currents' interface to Flipboard, but for the same sync issues mentioned above, I tend to read in the google reader mobile web site.

I had to click on this link to figure out what 'Currents' is. My Google intake pretty much begins and ends with using Gmail.

I was already using flipboard, and i use it for all my social network, plus tech websites updates, I never have a reason to use current. I dont know whats wrong with google, they are doing only copy and paste, hardly any innovations.

I have tried both Google Currents and Flipboard. Flipboard immediately grabbed my attention and I am still using it and Goggle Currents did not and I deleted it. Even though I can sync Flipboard w my Goggle Reader account I still use another app for managing my Reader account an just use Flipboard as an aggregate for supplemental news, Facebook, Twitter feed, and Instagram. I actually prefer viewing IG photos through Flipboard.

I've been using Flipboard for a while now and love it. Google currents can't hold a candle to it... I tried it once and haven't used it again. Flipboard FTW.

I prefer Flipboard, as it's more intuitive.
The only thing I miss in Flipboard is G+ integration.
Otherwise I do not see any advantages of Currents over Flipboard

How about making a poll for Currents vs. Flipboard?
I use Flipboard, much better interface, content and much faster than Currents on the iPhone.

I'm from the UK so haven't used Currents but I'm very happy with Flipboard and you can add your Google reader account and have it sync and mark items as read across all the devices I need.

I agree, I like Currents on android, althoug slow, but the iPad version is slow and bogs down more. The fact that you can not schedule when it syncs means it bogs down bad each time you use it as iit is trying to sync. It also will sync while you are in the middle of reading something and it goes away sometimes making it impossible to find what you were in the middle of reading. I really want to find a Flipboard replacement sine I planning on moving to android tablet and already have an android phone. What I do like about Currents is that sine it uses my Google log on it makes every install of Currents I do on an device populae with same library items, so in a way it syncs Currents on all my devices that run it. I know IOS is less than ideal multitasking os but Google should allow it to be synced at set intervals and not jerk me around in the middle of reading an article.