iMore at E3 2013!

E3 2013

You're probably still reeling from the barrage of WWDC 2013 announcements, but hold onto your butts - things aren't slowing down. Yours truly is currently in Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, where the biggest game developers and publishers are making announcements and showing off the goods.

If GDC taught me anything, it was that any mobile games that were being shown off early were on iOS, so be prepared to see a bunch of new titles this week. I already got a sneak peek at two really awesome games from 2K, and the show hasn't even started in earnest yet. Microsoft and EA have had their big press conferences today, and you can see the news coming out of there on our sister site, Windows Phone Central. One thing that caught my eye was a new Commander Mode for Battlefield 4 where players could launch air strikes from a tablet overview of a live map. It was freakin' sweet check it out at 52:53 of the Ustream replay.

What would you gamers out there like to see out of E3?

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iMore at E3 2013!


!!! Pathetic !!!.... iOS 7 is a blatant copy of Windows Phones design.. iOS is now the generic version of WP. Apple has severely disappointed with this total lack of innovation, and its just sad that they would call the design of iOS 7 their own.. Anyone who disagrees with the fact that Apple made a sad, incompetent, untalented, decision to steal Windows Phone design is in serious denial.. Tell me one thing.. how can i fans stand the fact that their devices are going to be nothing but WP knockoffs now?.. How can you claim this as your own? Are you really going to use this?


You're slamming iOS on an Electronic Entertainment Expo post?
And you call yourself a troll?
Now *that's* pathetic.
LOL-ing at the clueless newbie.

I know what kind of post this is.. Regarless of that, or whether Im a troll, the points that I make are reality.. Don't try to bounce around them by trying to change the subject.. Instead you should prove how iOS is not a obvious copy of WP.. That's all I care about, and anything else you say doesn't matter to me. Look at the pathetic similarities and admit that its sad that Apple had to steal major design elements from a struggling OS.. Cant they come up with anything original, and exciting anymore? Can they?

Come back when you've graduated past the newbie troll phase.
Should take about a year, judging by your troll attempts.
Buh bye.

Just as I thought.. You have nothing to back up your opinion, whatever that is... You're to busy trying to prove some idiotic point about how I'm a inexperienced troll,, which is the dumbest thing I've ever heard anybody say on Mobile Nations.. So, just say something with substance, and at least attempt to prove me wrong. If you don't have anything to discuss that's relevant to my point then don't open your pointless mouth at all.. I'm looking for a REAL iFan who can stick up for his platform, not just some idiot who only defends Apple by talking about trolling.. If that's not you then don't waist my time, and just ignore me.. If you feel like you have the knowledge to tell me something that might provide me with some perspective then find the balls to do so.. Really?

It's simple when you show me a Windows Phone home screen then we'll talk. Microsoft doesn't own flat design. They didn't invent it and the difference between iOS 7 and WP platform are huge. Where are the live tiles in iOS? Where is the home screen in WP? If Microsoft owned the flat design Apple wouldn't have been able to use it without licensing it and if they did Microsoft would have been suing them into oblivion.

Being very new to IOS, I was hoping they would do something with the lousy video playback. I was hoping they would implement a good file management system so iTunes wasn't involved in everything you do, I tunes just sucks completely. Third party keyboards I thought was a given but no such luck. The thing I got cracked up about was the standing ovation the crowd gave for just changing the look of the icons, people are desperate, that to me isn't shit. Much rather see something that was important. There were some very good changes I thought, will have to wait for the OS to be dropped before anyone can really so just how good they really are. To me Video playback should be addressed. The worst thing was bringing in Bing to operate with Siri. That just sucks, I hope they give the customer the choice to change search engines, I refuse to use Bing, that is so Windows, IOS is jumping all around and to me isn't sure which direction to go. Bing just sucks.