iMore for iPhone app 2.0.1 bug fixes!

iMore for iPhone app 2.0.1 bug fixes!

Apple has just approved version 2.0.1 of the official iMore for iPhone app, and it's scintillating new features include... bug fixes and performance enhancements! We know some of you had trouble with sending in tips and posting comments, and both of those issues should now be fixed! Thanks for the patience!

We're already planning 2.5 and 3.0, so if you have any additional bugs to report, or features to request, head on over to the iMore forum thread and let your voice be heard.

If you're already using the iMore app, get the update now from the App Store. If you haven't tried it yet, download it now. (And then hurry up and enter our big iPhone giveaway contest!)

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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iMore for iPhone app 2.0.1 bug fixes!



After having your own app developed and put through the Apple gauntlet, have you found it a frustrating process or pretty painless?

I was just about to ask the same thing! iMore is my one stop shop for any questions/problems I have w my apple devices. :) I like to view it on my iPad. But my computer and phone will do for now!

"We know some of you had trouble with sending in tips and posting comments, and both of those issues should now be fixed! Thanks for the patience!"

Kewl! yep, encountered issue with posting on iMore a few times through the App...Checking for updates.

I hope that comments that are made on the site will now be pushed faster to the app and vice versa. I saw somewhat of a lag time and i was wondering was that because of the servers or was a software patch needed?

Also thanks again for adding the ability to comment and staying permanently logged in ,i love not having to visit the mobile site.

I've been really impressed with iMore 2.0. It has been a great update. I used to just pull up in safari but more and more I'm back to using this great application. Keep up the great work guys (and gals)

Just downloaded the newest update and everything seems to be working as advertised. Thank you for listening to everyone and coming out with bug fixes so fast. Great app.

I forgot to ask when the font will be fixed to be able to set and stay constant from one article to another?

It's on the roadmap for the next non-bug fix version. We'll be creating a settings section, so it'll be a little bit of work.

Update available for me and seems to be working well. Have not noticed much yet but will keep an eye out for any issues. Thanks for the update and keep up the good work.

Best feature I love with the most recent update is being able to read and type in landscape mode. Thanks so much imore for a great app!

Thanks for the update and for acknowledging our complaints/issues with the app. Great work and it works seamless! Can't wait for 2.5 and 3.0!

Also, I would LOVE to see notifications of new posts on the app and maybe even when someone comments on your post, etc. it would be awesome!

I can't even post anything on the website on this post because since Saturday it's been hit or miss about when I post a comment on stories. For instance I wanted to post something on Rene's apple adds new web page article on Saturday and yesterday's Jeremy's community spotlight and just now on this very own imore updates app because of posting issues. But I am having posting issues from my computer. They are hit or miss. I wrote to you guys under "send us a story" because I don't know how to write to individuals. What's going on? If this goes through then it means I posted from imore 2.0.1 app. Since I couldn't post comment from my PC.

LoL Noooo...See right now at this moment, I am typing from my PC. My original comment that I wanted to post here said "Posting Error". I have taken screen shots and attached it to the Send Us News email last night. The issue still seems to be happening from time to time. When I had posted this comment, in which you replied to, I had stated that I was typing it on the iMore 2.0.1 app and not PC, because when I did try that, it said "Posting Error" in red font with the red circle x. It's not like they are lonnnng comments either. I have seen lonnnnnng comments go through, so I am not sure why it's happening. And when I do post from my PC, it's hit or miss, some comments go through on some Stories and some don't. There are 3 places I haven't been able to post a comment from PC....this story, Jeremy's, and one of yours. What I meant by website, was from PC website, not the iMore app comments. Sheesh, I hope this makes sense. lol. Not sure if anyone else has been having "Posting Error" issues....Kind of a downer when my comments don't get posted. Am I being spanked for some odd reason? lol.

If you haven't already, can you leave a comment in the bug report thread, maybe with a screenshot? The more precise we can be with the developers, the better!

My hope is that you guys will roll out an iPad edition for iMore in 2.5 or 3.0 instead of JUST an iMore Forums app... Please!

Will there also be any word on when or if the comments will resemble the site. In the sense that when someone replies to your comment you will be able to see and indentation? And blue background for the mods and staff?? :0

Granted that I've only been using this app for about a week now, I had yet to come across any problems. Everything just seemed to work seamlessly. But thanks for looking out iMore!!!

Saw this posted before I left work. Finally made it home to the good ol' wifi and got the notification. Thanks!

Not sure if I am missing something or if it hasn't yet been incorporated, but having controls similar to other podcast apps would be nice. There are times that I listen to a podcast and I want to go back and re-listen to a specific part. Would be a helpful addition!

One day, hopefully not too far away, there will be an iMore app on all Apple devices that have a screen. I would love to see the iPad, and even a MacbookPro iMore app. Yes I can bookmark it on the Pro, but an app would be nice. You could be the first decent news app on the Pro, because is is lacking in that department.

This app is the best device news app around. I'm glad I found it. I learned about it when I was searching for news about Apple on a google search. I don't even go to the browser anymore. The layout is really nice I have deleted all the other apps like iclarified and tuaw along with Engadget. This has become the only app I go for news all the others I use the browser.