The iMore Pebble smartwatch forum is open for business!

Pebble has hit the headlines in a big way today for iPhone owners, with a huge update that adds full support for iOS 7 Notification Center and a bunch of other cool things for developers. If you're already a Pebble owner, or if you've been swayed to buying one – like I have – after todays announcements, then come on in and join us in iMore's brand new Pebble smartwatch forum!

In a pre-iOS 7 world the interaction with your Pebble was somewhat limited, and for many involved playing around with work-arounds. With the extra added goodness iOS 7 brings to the table, the folks at Pebble have been able to implement a huge update, and it's now a very different prospect.

So, join us, and share all your Pebble experiences in the new Pebble smartwatch forum!

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Richard Devine

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The iMore Pebble smartwatch forum is open for business!


I really wanted one of these in the beginning but some of the little issues kept me away. I had been patiently waiting for version 2. I'm reconsidering now after today's announcements. I was really hoping for a little nicer hardware to match the software upgrade however.

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Can't wait. Even with their current implementation it's surprising how useful it is to see what emails you receive are about, or control your music player in the shower, or while driving. Don't knock it unless you've tried it.

I would still love to see Apple take a crack at this area, of course.