The iMore team is on Twitter, here's how to follow us all!

New to social networking, new to iMore, or maybe new to both! Today on Talk Mobile we kicked off social week by asking you all about where and how you share your social status. If your network of choice is Twitter, well, iMore and our staff are here for you!

iMore of course has its own Twitter feed, and each and every article that hits the frontpage also hits Twitter. But, you may not be aware that each member of the iMore writing staff is also present on Twitter. And who knows what you may be treated to by each of them! So, if you're on Twitter, here's all the links you need to help you follow the iMore team.

The great engagement from the iMore community goes far beyond the writing staff though, so if you want to join in and perhaps get to know some really great people, drop your Twitter handle into the comments below!

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Richard Devine

Senior Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy

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The iMore team is on Twitter, here's how to follow us all!


There actually were a couple left to follow, now I completely follow all of iMore, I follow Mobile Nations as well as a few of the Crackberry team, Android Central team, Windows Phone Central team and those sites' respective accounts. And not just on Twitter either.

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I only follow Leanna Lofte... Her articles made me like iphones and ipad though I'm still a #BlackBerry fan....*Shoutout to her*

Guys, do the individuals retweet each other and the main feed too, like the guys on Crackberry? If you follow the individuals it's a pain like that.