iMore Today: 3GS as in Streaming, in-cell-ation, and get outta my FaceTime

Today on iMore we're talking about AT&T potentially charging extra for FaceTime over "4G", iPhone 3GS getting thrown a VIP Inbox bone, and the iPhone 5 losing a display layer. This is iMore Today!

Behind the scenes

So we've pretty much decided on the schedule for iMore Today going forward. Monday already has the excellent Monday Brief with Ashley Esqueda, which brings you all the week's news from all of Mobile Nations, and Wednesday has the full 60min. iMore Show podcast, with yours truly, Georgia, and Seth Clifford, so that leaves Tuesday, Thursday, and possibly Friday clear for iMore Today (depends if I want to go little Leno or all out Carson with the schedule.)

Confession: Yesterday's pilot took me 4 hours to script, shoot, edit, and post, which is untenable going forward (I have too much else to do, and get too little sleep as it is.) Today's second chance took me 2 hours, which is a big improvement but not big enough. I really want to get it down to 1 hour start to finish. I think that makes it worthwhile, time wise. Unless and until we get our fancy studio and editing droids, I'm going to return to the KISS school of internet video. Thursday's will be even simpler.

As always, everything we do, we do for you, our amazing iMore community, so speak up and let me know your thoughts. What do you want from iMore Today?

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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iMore Today: 3GS as in Streaming, in-cell-ation, and get outta my FaceTime


This is probably unreasonable, but if the show is called "iMore Today", then doesn't that sort of imply that it is an everyday (or at least every weekday) show? You know, like the "Today Show" on TV? If you guys could somehow manage a daily video show summarizing all the big news, reviews, etc, it would be absolutely phenomenal! I don't mean to say the site and shows aren't great already though, because they are!

Also, will this show be on YouTube only, or will it eventually be released on iTunes as a podcast as well? I really hope it is eventually added as a podcast!

Don't see the point of it although maybe there's just a different audience for it. I'd rather Rene was just spending that time writing.

That 5 inch pancake that Rene referred to has sold quite a few million and is now coming to T-Mobile with ICS. I think it is a great phone and there are many other ways of putting the LTE radio and battery into a phone besides making it a 5 inch phone, I believe there are a few LTE devices that work pretty good and get just about the same battery life as the I-Phone 4s. Samsung GS3 on LTE gets pretty darn good battery life. I just purchased the SGS3 Pebble Blue 32 GB int storage on T-Mobile. T-Mobile in the Boston area is putting out on average during the day between 8 - 15 down and 4 - 7 up. Those are great speeds coming from the Nations 4th leading Carrier. I will take those speeds with great battery life over HSPA+ any day over LTE. I also have Verizon's LTE service on a 2nd deviced with very fast speeds. I would still prefer HSPA+ with great battery life on T-Mobile's HSPA+. It is that fast in our area. My Point is HSPA+ can be a great Network if it is set up right. T-Mobile takes allot of grief but their HSPA+ is pushing over 20 mb down after 6:00 pm. How the heck can you beat that?? Just My Opinion.