iMore today: AT&Trigonometry, patents of mass destruction, sorry Sammy!

Today on iMore we're talking about AT&T's new sharing plans, Apple's new list view and scroll bar patents, and the U.K. court ordering an apology to Samsung. This is iMore today!

Want to win a $50 iTunes gift certificate? Leave your best, most Apple-like apology to Samsung in the comments below this video! We'll pick our favorite!

Behind the scenes

One hour! But, one camera angle. It was after the iMore show stopped taping and I'm way past tired, but wanted to get the contest up, and break out my Chris Oldroyd-unnapproved British accent.

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iMore today: AT&Trigonometry, patents of mass destruction, sorry Sammy!


The iPad. Proven coolest in a court of law."*

* When compared to the Samsung Galaxy Tab
Sorry Samsung

(get it... the Judge in the case said that the G-Tab was not as cool, and I worked in a sorry).


We here at apple are terribly sorry that Samsung was not able not to achieve what they wanted with the samsung galaxy tab. We are sorry that they had an inability to recreate the sales numbers of the ipad we are sorry that there was barely a consumer that wanted to buy the galaxy tab but most of all we are sorry Samsung was not able to reproduce the ipads coolness ease of use and pleasurable experience, for this we are sorry

From my youtube post.....
To Samsung,
We at Apple will like you to except out deepest apology for you stealing our...I mean for us accusing you of stealing our tablet designs. When Apple...I mean you came out with your first tablet computer it was such a great idea and revolutionary design. We accused you of copying our tablet which came out 10 months and 11 days before yours. And for this we apologize.Please take this apology with a truckload of salt...I mean a truckload of roses.
Screw you, sorry I meant Sincerely,Tim Cook

Suggested Apple apology to Samsung for the last 16 months of bogus claims, legal cases, public allegations, import bans, home invasions and general world-wide shit stirring:
Three Billion US dollars in a plain brown wrapper - and a free trip around the new Cupertino campus (when it opens) with Johnny Ives as the enthusiastic tour guide and Tim Cook distributing cookies and milk during lunch (snow cones on request, at cost).

I will now say "Aluminium" in an English accent (like Rene copying Johnny) until you beg me to stop.

To Samsung and all your loyal customers,
We here at Apple would like to formally apologize for our latest lawsuit. We totally thought that judge was being unfair, you guys are totally cool. In fact, if we had a contest on how to use the least originality when creating a tablet...we are certain we would have choosen your Galaxy Slab (or whatever your tablet is called). It takes true skill to imitate a product just enough to have a similar look and for that judge to say its just "not cool" enough, we think that's unfair. Anyways, if you guys decide to jump into the innovation game and need us to improve a product..let us know.

Sincerly from your friend,
Tim Cook and all the Apple employees

"Anyways, if you guys decide to jump into the innovation game and need us to improve a product..let us know."

Your kidding right? Notification pulldown anyone? Multitasking? Cut and Paste? Apple hasn't innovated anything in an awful long time and your kidding yourself if you think they have.

Cheerio, Guv'na!

How's this for an Apple ad-pology:

"No, Samsung did not copy iPad. But really, who could?"

Samsung. We're sorry. Your tablet isn't as cool as our iPad, so you didn't copy us. At least you have one cool product line though - Your Refrigerators. Once again sorry, you didn't copy us.

Ps. Really, black bezel and aluminium style back? Only Ive can pull that off, stop trying.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab is not nearly as cool as the iPad.* This means the Samsung Galaxy Tab does not copy the iPad.**
We send our apologies to Samsung

*According to Judge Colin Birss
**According to the same judge

Dear Samsung, we apologize for proving the your design is not cool, and definitely does not copy the ultra cool iPad.
Dear current and would be customers around the world, we at Apple are sincerely committed to the belief the you are all idiots who can neither read a brand name, nor recognize the icon of an apple; therefore we will continue to spend as much money as possible litigating on your behalf to assure that there is only Apple choices available in your local retail store.

--- OBEY ---