iMore's hiring: Best there is at writing about apps? We want you!

Last call! Best there is at writing about apps? iMore wants you!

Whether it's the latest productivity software or the sequel to the best game ever, you can quickly digest it, figure out what's great, what's not so great, and write it up powerfully and succinctly. You're comfortable approaching and talking to developers, and are able to sort through the deluge of new and update apps that hit the store, ditch the duds, and find the gems that'll make our readers lives better (or just more fun). You understand embargoes, NDAs, and deadlines, but most of all, you love apps and love helping others get the most out of them.

UPDATE: We've gotten hundreds and hundreds of submissions! Thank you all so much! Tomorrow is that last day we'll be accepting them, and then we'll go through them over the next week or two (we want to give all of them a fair reading!). We're aiming to pick well, not fast! So if you haven't submitted anything yet, please do! If you have, you'll be hearing from us soon-ish!

You're also informed an opinionated about kids apps, family apps, educational apps, and all other things good and right in the universe. You, yes you, are the perfect person to be iMore's next app writer/editor!

If this describes and appeals to you, drop me a line at with the subject reading "iMore app writer submission", include at least one (1) sample app announcement/news article and one (1) sample app review article, and we'll explore the next steps together.

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Last call! Best there is at writing about apps? iMore wants you!


Hopefully iMore takes time to really choose the right person for the job and continue their tradition with having great writers contributing to the site. IMO Crackberry made a poor choice in bringing on Jubei Raziel as his material is considered lackluster and has been scrutinzed excessively by the CB community. I feel iMore will NOT run into this kind of problem though. :)

I don't dislike Jubei's material. He creates long posts that are filled with information. I can understand that not everyone likes to read a long post, but that is more opinion than anything.

Overall I think a lot of people commenting on CB are being negative just because they can. I see it happen on this site, as well as AC and WPC. It is the nature of the internet. People tend to value things more when they have to pay. These websites are free (they even give away stuff), so I think that they are potentially under-appreciated.

I have been looking for a way to get into this field but alas with no past Review Writing I don't see a point.

You have to start somewhere. There are several sites you can write for build up a bit resume. Its been fun having a Mac/iOS Site. However i do mostly Video tutorials. Good Luck

Most of us work from home 99.9% of the time. At events we may have small quarters but that's a few times a year. Honestly, what other job lets you play with your favorite apps and get paid for it? Not exactly sure id call that a sweat shop...

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Ok I didn't realize that was on location. At our company we all work from home also. But once a month we rent a board room and all managers are required for a work session.10-15 people sit shoulder to shoulder for 10-12 hours. All of us pecking on laptops multiple conversations and the guy next to you eating a bag of chips you thought would never run out. These work session are mostly unproductive and the highlight for the day is using the rest room. Everyone's anxiety for these work session starts to build the week before. So The picture in the post triggered my anxiety. Now some smart company's like Google have a different idea of how work session environments should be. But I do realize there is only so much you have to work with on location.

I reviewed apps on YouTube and got a pretty decent following. I'll be sure to send you an email Rene. I love writing about apps.

I submitted a few articles on Friday. Been writing for fun on a personal site since last fall. I really enjoy it, and I hope something good comes from this.
Good luck to all others who have applied as well!

Since this article has been reported does this mean that I did not get the job? Guess I have to try BGR:(

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That is suppose to be reposted not reported.. Dang autocorrect, imore app does not allow for editing posts....

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Has anyone been selected? I submitted an application but have not heard anything so i am figuring i was not chosen :(

I hope Leanna Loft is applying so she can get back to her incomparable app reviews. Nobody better. She was awesome.

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