iMovie for Mac now works better with your iMovie for iOS projects

It's been a while since Apple last pushed out an update to iMovie for Mac, but the latest one currently pushing out should make it better to work with your iMovie for iOS projects on your Mac. The update isn't particularly sizeable -- it downloaded just over 22MB for me -- but promises stability improvements and improves compatibility for projects imported from iMovie for iOS.

Apple also promises to have improved issues with iMovie not recognizing video cameras when connected to your Mac. Hopefully this works out, and another little annoyance has been ironed out. The update is free to download for current iMovie owners, and priced at $14.99 for new customers via the Mac App Store. If you were experiencing any of the issues Apple has pushed out these fixes for, be sure to let us know if you're happy with this latest update.

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Reader comments

iMovie for Mac now works better with your iMovie for iOS projects


22MB??? AppStore found the update for me and it's showing up as a 1.08 GB file that's going to take another 5+ hours to download! On a cable modem connection!

Doesn't imovie automatically come preinstalled on existing Macs? Why would anyone need to pay to download it?