In the Forums: Why iPhone Replaced My Crackberry

Have you checked out our forums lately? The community is growing and the commentary is getting better and better each day. Unconvinced? I'll bring out a thread, a post, a topic, or a comment directly from the forums and post it on TiPb's front page every week to prove it to you. We here at TiPb love the interplay, quid pro quo, repartee with our readers, so step up your creativity and tighten up your diction, you could be next!

We're going to start with Trevor's post detailing reasons why the iPhone replaced his Crackberry. Trevor didn't just blast his Crackberry into outerspace or dump it in the Hudson River, he provided reasons why his iPhone isn't perfect as well. More than a few of his reasons supporting the iPhone have to deal with its role in the Mac ecosystem and I'd have to agree, the 'it just works' feeling is how technology should be.

However, Trevor, being a former Crackberry user, listed durability as a concern. No worries there Trevor! That glass screen is as resilient as it is pretty!

Go check out Trevor's reasons why the iPhone replaced his Crackberry and tell him what you think!

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In the Forums: Why iPhone Replaced My Crackberry


I've seen some pretty crazy video's of people dropping their iPhone, and even dragging it on the concrete. It is indeed more resilient than you would think!

i just ordered an iPhone.. to replace my 8700c.. I tried waiting for the Bold, I love the huge iphone screen, but I am at loss without my bbmsger..
I've been eligible for an upgrade for months, but I've been holding out for the Bold, but rumored delays and no concrete info from ATT or RIM has made me make the jump..
my 8700's back button stopped working months ago and its just.. old.. lol
Right now I'm excited to get my hands on the iphone, but maybe in a few months when the bold is out.. there may be an iphone 3g up on ebay.. :) lightly used, like-new!

I replaced my curve for an iPhone with no regrets. The memory issue with the blackberries started to get on my nerves with disappearing contacts, disappearing texts, etc. Everything just makes sense on the iPhone and I have a mac so syncing is not an issue anymore as it was with my old blackberry (pocketmac). I also sold my curve for $320 so technically my iPhone was basically free. Now my server, desktop, laptop, mobile device, and mp3 player were all concieved in Cupertino!

I had been on a blackberry for about a year, when I bought my 1st Gen iphone last week. Not because I'm not happy with my berry, I love it, but just because I had to try :-)
I'm not gonna give my opinion or compaire the 2 just yet, as i've only been on the iphone for a week.
I'll keep you posted