In The Forums: Why You Like the iPhone Keyboard

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This week we have a question raised by Wegmans wondering if we love our iPhone's soft keyboard. Answers range from resounding yes's to an almost as good as my old phone. Surprisingly, many of the folks who came from Blackberry and Treo have little complaints about the iPhone's keyboard and have actually gotten quite attached to it.

AutoCorrect? Best thing ever. No physical buttons? Saves ourselves from the Blackberry thumbs! However, the forums are still looking for a universal landscape keyboard.

Either way, the iPhone's keyboard is a great implementation of a soft keyboard. For those who haven't tried it, try it out! And for those who have, do you like the iPhone's keyboard?

Go check out Wegmans' thread on if you like the iPhone's keyboard!

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In The Forums: Why You Like the iPhone Keyboard


I'm really liking the keypad. I'm typing this from my iPhone right now. The auto correct is pretty cool. I agree with a horizontal keypad though. I didn't like the keypad at first, but the thing to remener is to let the iPhone fix your mistakes, it does an amazing job.

It really looks like you'd never had a Treo in your hands before. Or you're the worst Apple Fanboy I ever run into...
When I started using an iPhone six months ago it looked like I might get used to it after a while and type as fast as on a Treo. But I was definitely wrong. The keyboard is probably the crappiest piece of software Apple added to this phone (next to the dysfunctional Cisco VPN...), and because of this piece of software the iPhone goes on my nerves WHENEVER I use it to type, be it an SMS, a calendar entry or E-Mail.
To be serious:

  • it does not learn unknown words correctly in probably half of the cases. The system how the iPhone should learn words is completely obscure. It would be so easy: If I have corrected a suggestion three times, accept it as being wrong and learn my word by heart. Ok?
  • two-letter-words are not being learned at all
  • a word that is in the dictionary uppercase instead of lowercase will always be proposed the wrong way around
  • many times you cannot type characters because the "virtual keys" next to them (the keys the phone guesses you'd type next are made bigger) are so big that you cannot type a key in the middle
  • very often you get word propositions that do not even exist, you get umlauts where there should be normal letters (äber, öder instead of aber or oder), in earlier versions of the keyboard software very often special characters like #, ) or $ were attached to word propositions (as "RolloM$" or "RolloM)" when I signed an SMS with "RolloM")

These things happen all the time when you're typing. Not just every now and then.
In short: If I ever buy another phone it will be because of the iPhone's crappy keyboard.

I've owned the iphone for several months now and thought I'd get used to having a full keyboard with nearly 30 buttons in a neat little row across 2.25 inches of screen. But no. Gawd help me, my incidence of nearly crashing while trying to use this friggin monster of a keyboard with a thumb that barely stretches the length of the screen has nearly quadrupled.
It is not optimized for one-handed operation. It's not supposed to be a miniature mac, Apple, why don't you get it? For the love of all that is sane and easy, sacrifice aesthetics for just a second and include a 12 button keyboard!